CSU, Midyear transcript requested or required?

<p>I've applied to CSU Long Beach, Northridge, and Fullerton. Along with CalPoly Pomona.
I've heard back from Fullerton about my acceptance and it says to only send my final trancript by a deadline. However, I've talked to two different college counselors. One says to send the mid year transcripts to the CSU's and the other says that I can only send them upon request, which requires me to fill out forms to send them. I'm confused as to what to do, I want to use other resources before just contacting the CSU's myself.</p>

<p>Did you set up your accounts with each school? They all have to do lists. SFSU asked for DS's AP scores but haven't had requests from others. Better not to send unless requested. Are you in the local area for Fullerton? Nobody from our out of area school seems to have heard from them yet.</p>

<p>It was two years ago when I went through the process, but if I recall correctly, I simply sent in my final transcript upon request.
I would contact CSUF's admissions office and ask them. It will only take them a second to answer you.</p>

<p>P.s: Call them BEFORE 1pm (early morning) or after 2. Unless you enjoy 1 hour holds.</p>

<p>Yes I set up my accounts with each school. I live in the bay area and got my admission in January. I didn't take any AP's so I don't have to worry about sending those in. And I don't mean final transcript, I mean just midyear transcripts.</p>

<p>Did you ever find your answer? I am almost certain I did not send a midyear transcript, I simply submitted my grades. Again, don't rely simply on what I'm saying, I have the memory of an 80 year old man.</p>

<p>I just sent them, My college counselor from my old school use to be deeply involved in acceptance programs at Colleges. He said to send them.</p>