CSU undergrad to UC for grad?

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to know what are the chances for getting into a UC school with an undergraduate degree from a CSU? I want to get my Masters in Public Health concentrating on Health Management and Policy.
My overall undergrad GPA was a 3.4, but my major GPA was a 3.9.

I have a lot of internship experience relating to public health, and I am going to do AmeriCorps for my gap year. I will take the GRE later next month, but I was wondering is it even worth applying to UC’s with my 3.4 from a CSU??


Each UC’s MPH program, if they have one at all, is going to have slightly different average GPAs for admitted students. So don’t lump all the UC’s together when considering grad school since each one has its own application and application fee and I’m pretty sure they don’t share GRE scores the way they do with SAT/ACT scores for undergrad.

I think a 3.4 overall with a 3.9 major GPA is an accomplishment regardless of what school you got it from, so congratulations!