CSUF Admissions Chances

I am wondering if I have a good chance of getting into CSUF? I currently go to a local area school which gives me a 3.42 CSU GPA. I plan to major in Computer Science. I took 7 honors classes but I dropped Precalculus Honors to get an A- in regular precalculus. I also took 3 ap classes. On top of that, I have 40 hours of community service and two years of marching band but I did not realize I did not put the average hours of extracurriculars on the CSU Apply page.

Unless there were supplemental questions specific CSUF that asked for volunteer hours, the Cal states other than SLO do not use EC’s as part of their application review.

If you are in the local service area, you get a GPA bump.

All freshman applicants that are in CSUF’s Local Admission Area will receive first priority admission preference through an approximate .3 “A-G” GPA bump.

I would say CSUF is a good target school if your current 3.42 does not include the .3 GPA bump. If it does include the GPA bump, it is possible but not a solid guarantee.

Average CSU GPA for admitted students 2020 was 3.68. CS is competitive so Best of luck.

It is included with the .3 GPA. I saw that 1766 students applied local area to the CS department for the Fall 2020 semester. 1516 got admitted so that makes it a 86% admitted rate to the CS department. I feel like I have a chance. I found this link and made impaction location Local Area School and the College option “ECS”.

Based on the overall admit rate then yes as a local it looks like a target school unfortunately it is not specific to CS. Best of luck.