CSUF Admissions Policy

I recently graduated from high school and have committed to CSUF this Fall. I already finished registration and put in my non-refundable deposit to enroll in the school. During the first semester of my senior year, I enrolled in AP Computer Science A and received an F in the course. Last night, I was reading the admissions conditions and I saw that to keep your acceptance, you have to retain at least “C-” in all your senior year A-G courses or it may result in having acceptance rescinded.

Some background on my application:

GPA (at the time of application): 3.2
SAT: 1220

Also, I am a local student.

I also emailed the CSUF admissions office right after I got my grades first semester and they said that

“Once the application has been submitted, we are unable to go back and change it. However, this will not negatively affect your admissions status.”

Will I have my acceptance rescinded due to my grade in AP Comp Sci A first semester?

Also to mention that I had more than enough credits to graduate–due to courses I took over the summer.

An F is a reason for being rescinded but since you have notified CSUF and they responded that it “will not negatively effect your admission status”, then you should be fine. Make sure you keep this email documentation but you might want to double check with CSUF once your final HS transcript is received.

UPDATE: I emailed CSUF Admissions to double-check and this is what they sent!


Thank you for contacting CSUF Admissions.

If a student has not met all a-g requirements after review of their final transcript document, at that time, CSU campuses may use admission exceptions on a case-by-case basis if students are no longer CSU-eligible, based on the inability to complete all “a-g” courses in which they were enrolled in spring 2020. Consideration can include how well the student is doing academically in fall 2020. Students should in no way assume that enrollment in Fall 2020 CSU courses means that an exception will be automatically granted.

New first-year students will remain in a conditionally admitted status until the CSU campus receives a final transcript document and review of the transcript for a-g requirements is completed.

Please look at what the “a-g” requirements are on our website,


So I’m assuming that if you did not meet A-G requirements you may be denied admissions after review.

I DID meet the A-G requirements and it is stated on my graduation diploma.

So, I guess the grade I got in AP Comp Sci A did not matter that much?

Since AP CS is not a CSU required a-g course and also due to Covid many schools are far more lenient than in previous years, it looks like your acceptance will stand.