CSUF - Cal State Fullerton Social Life

My daughter has been accepted to the nursing school at Cal State Fullerton. Her only concern is the social life as a commuter school. She does want to have a good college experience as a freshman. Can anyone offer insight regarding how is the greek life, clubs, sports, dorms, etc. is? Thanks!

I live very close to CSUF and have a lot of friends that went there/ are going there. It is definitely more of a commuter school, but they have a very prominent greek life. About 90% of students come for classes and leave immediately. But, the friends I have that joined sororities and then lived in the greek houses really enjoy it. I would say greek life here is a must to meet people! The biggest sports team at CSUF is baseball- and they are fairly good. Her experience will be what she makes of it. PS their nursing program is incredible! Good luck to her