I’m an out of state applicant with a 2.98(csu) and a 1120(sat). I received a 3.4 last semester and combined the two to a gpa of 3.06 do you think my chances of getting in are up there? And does csuf take in first semester senior transcripts?

As well i was given priority due to a miscommunication from financial aid.

Your Senior 1st semester grades are not taken into consideration for admissions but they are used to make sure you are on track to complete all the a-g course requirements by end of Senior year. Your CSU GPA is based on 10-11th grades for the a-g courses.

Here is the averages for 2018 admits:
Average CSU GPA: 3.68

Average SAT: 1127
Average ACT: 22

Based on your posted stats, I would say CSUF will be a tough admit. The main advantage is that you are out of state and will be a full pay student at around $40K/year and the CSU’s like the OOS $$$.


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