CSUF Dorm life?

<p>How are the new dorms? Do you meet a lot of people? Is there a lot to do on the weekends if you stay on campus? Nightlife? (I've heard that a lot of people go home on the weekends and it's pretty dead =0( )</p>

<p>I’m wondering too. Anyone wanna answer for us? :3</p>

<p>I’d like to know too! I just got an email to apply to the art district (4th floor of I think juniper hall was the name?) since I’m a musical theater major.</p>

<p>I wanna know too(: Fullerton is a commuter school, so the dorms aren’t probably the most bangin’ ever, but they just built some new dorms and there’s a new eating place called, like, the Gastronomical??? Hahaha I have no idea the name, but it’s something like that,lol.</p>

<p>It is dead. Mostly half are commuters, and Orange County isn’t as great as everyone thinks it to be.</p>

<p>Hey guys. So I’ve got 2 friends living in the dorms in fullerton right now and I went and visited them about a month ago. As far as like “dorms” go, they are really nice. If you want that “dorm” experience of living in a box with another person, i’d say go for it. I had tons of issues with the dorms here in San francisco when I lived in them, but the ones in fullerton and brand spanking new and really nice and pretty spacious as far as dorms go.
Yes Fullerton is a HUGE commuter school so a lot of people don’t live on campus but there are still a fair bit of people to get to know and meet and what not.
Yes the “Gastronome” is their dining hall, I ate their 3 times while I was visiting and i’ve gotta say it’s pretty damn good. My friends have told me they keep up quite a variety of food too so it never gets really old or bland like some DC’s do.
@geofio one of my friends is also a musical theatre major and she almost lived on the “arts” floor but decided against it at the last moment and she said she is glad she did. Apparently there is tons of crazy partying going on on that floor which, if thats your thing, go for it. But she said almost everyone who lives on that floor gets barely any sleep. haha. Very loud art majors all the live long day, which is fun for like a month…then it gets old.
Yeah. if you guys have any other questions i’ll try and answer as best I can and if I can’t answer i’ll see if my friends can.</p>

<p>@msjessica- wowow thaaaanks (: i defff wanna dorm just for the experience and then soph/jr year i’ll rent an apartment with some chickass.</p>

<p>Okay thanks so much!! I’m not a crazy partier, more career driven. Am I allowed to drop to regular dorms later if I am accepted to the arts district before fall starts?</p>

<p>I’d love to hear from someone else currently lives in the Art District as well: What they like / dislike about the place. Will they recommend it to a freshman? Thanks. </p>

<p>(Sorry, I posted this in the Art Districtr thread, but I’m trying here, too, in hope to get more answers)</p>

<p>@geofio Haha. I’m the same way, trust me I understand. I’d say stick with the regular dorms then but thats just me. I’m not sure as far as switching, you’d probably have to call the housing office for that and they could help you out. Have you already signed up for the arts floor or something?</p>

<p>@Msjessicajules I havent signed up for anything yet besides submitting the regular housing application. I only received an email inviting me to apply to the art district, but the deadline for that application is April 30th so I’m just gonna wait til I hear back from my other colleges before doing anything else with Fullerton housing in general.</p>

<p>I’m wondering if I should apply for the dorms or I should commute from my relatives house which is about 10 miles away (Orange County? I think)</p>

<p>@Chantelle10 - Depends! Do you want to dorm? Are you able to pay for the dorms? A lot of people commute to Fullerton, so it’s nothing unusual.
I’m dorming because I barely know the city. I want to know the city first then get an apartment. (:</p>

<p>I want to dorm, however i keep seeing reviews which state that social life in CSUF is basically dead. Money is not an issue, however seeing all the reviews circulating the web on how dull social life/dorm life is im having second thoughts on throwing 5k away to live in a dead place. What are your thoughts on this?</p>

<p>If everyone who would dorm decides against it due to the dead atmosphere then it will be dead. But if everyone who is considering living in the dorms does live there, then we can make the social atmosphere more exciting</p>

<p>I’m out of state and dorming so I’m gonna bring my car for if I need/want to go places on the weekends</p>

<p>@geofio Definitely bring your car. Public Transportation in Southern California is nonexistant. Well…its exists…it just fails immensely.
As for the social life being “dead” I wouldn’t go that far. If you live on campus, make the social life happen! I’ve got friends down there who party and chill out all the time and they live on campus. Its just a matter of finding the right people. If you just sit in your dorm all day of course its going to be “Dead”.
If you only live 10 miles away though, i’d say commute unless you honestly really want the “dorm” experience. It will save you A LOT of money.</p>

<p>How do you apply to the Arts district?</p>

<p>I was accepted as a Choral Ed. Major (yay! Small class! :slight_smile: ) but I JUST recently applied for housing >_<
Could anyone link an email address, or a URL with instructions? If so, thank you so much!!</p>

<p>I just shot the Arts District an email 'cause that’s what it said to do in the “Themed Communities” brochure/thingie (idk what to call it LOL) that you get in the housing packet they send you. They’ll probably reply soon next week…</p>

<p>What if you want to join the Arts district, but then you need to stay for winter break 'cause of classes/can’t go home? Is there any other way you can stay besides joining the Extended Stay community or something? o_o</p>

<p>I have no idea 'cause I just got the packet yesterday, and I kind of got confused while reading everything…</p>

<p>Speaking from my perspective, dorming can be good if you make it good. I am currently dorming at CSUF, and although you do meet a lot of new people, this campus is dead on weekends. People usually leave to their home Fridays and come back late Sunday. Even as an introvert I do get frustrating with how dead this campus feels. On the weekday there is plenty of people of course, but they will all be busy with their classes and homework. I live far from home and can’t afford to go home each weekend. The food at the gastronome is disgusting on the weekends, if you want to go off campus to eat something good, you do need a car to get there. I don’t hate dorming, and it does have its benefits, for example, my classes are always closed by and I can leave my dorm 10mins early and I will make it to class on time. There will be people in your building with the same classes and you can easily just walk over to their room to study. You do get to meet new people for sure, but you can also meet a lot of people in your classes. Also you have to think about the price, currently I am paying $2,300 per month for a small room that I have to share with someone else. Overall, I don’t think it is worth it pay over $2k for a semi college experience. I do understand you want to live on your own, but I don’t think it’s as fun as people make it out to be. I don’t regret dorming because it’s only one year, but I think if I would have known this was a commuter school, I probably would have gone to a different school.</p>