CSUF Fall 2018 Transfer Thread

Thought I would start a thread for Fall 2018 transfer hopefuls

My stats are:
Major: Criminal Justice
GPA: 3.35
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Prereqs: Completed the ones offered at my school
Golden 4: Yes by end of spring
Local: No, East Bay Area

Good luck to everyone who’s applied!

Fall 2018 Hopeful!!!

Major- Entertainment and Tourism
GPA : 3.0
Golden 4 -yes by end of spring
Local: No-East Bay Are but attends SBCC
Prereqs; yes

Good Luck all!!!

Major: Art Education
GPA: 3.3
AA-T/AS-T: Yes and also just an AA
Prereqs: Completed with all A’s
Golden 4: 2 completed, 2 in progress
Local: No, San B

Major: Communications, Advertising
GPA: 3.33 (3.43) with AA-T Boost
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Prereqs: Completed
Golden 4: 3 Completed, Math in progress
Local: Yes, Orange Coast College

Major: Business Admin
GPA: 3.1 (3.2 with AS-T Boost)
AA-S/AS-T : Yes
Prereqs: Completed
Golden 4: Completed
Local: Yes, Santa Ana College

Hopeful for application decisions! Does anyone have an idea when they might be released?

Major: Business Admin
GPA: 3.41 (hopefully higher after Spring)
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Prereqs: All but 1 completed (will be completed by end of Spring)
Golden 4: Completed (2 A’s, 2 B’s)
Local: No, Santa Monica College

Got accepted yesterday

@Eromeo are you a transfer??? How??

@Eromeo also did you send it your transcript to them already for Fall 2017 grades?

ignore “it”

@cpre98: Poster @Eromeo also posted they were accepted to SFSU as a Transfer yesterday so I would assume this post was accidentally posted on the wrong thread.

Oh wrong thread

Major: Communication Studies / Human Communication
GPA: 3.71
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Prereqs: Completed at CC
Golden 4: Will have them by end of spring!
Local: No/Somewhat, Chaffey College

Major: Sociology
GPA: 3.94 - hopefully 3.99 after spring (4.04 or 4.09 with AA-T boost)
AA-S/AS-T: Yes
Prereqs: Last one in progress
Golden 4: 3 Completed. Math in Progress
Local: Yes, Irvine Valley College

Good luck everyone!!

Major: Liberal Studies
GPA: 3.01
AA-S/AS-T: Yes
Prereqs: Completed
Golden 4: Will be done this semester
Local: No, Bay Area.

Does anyone know when admission decisions come out?

Major: Health Science
GPA: 3.3
AA-T/AS-T: Not for transfer but health science
Prereqs: missing bio 1 but I’ve taken harder bio classes hopefully they won’t care
Golden 4: 3 done, 1 IP
Local: Yes

Do they actually care about prereqs? My counselors have told me to apply even though I’m missing a prereq and that since I’m local it’s unlikely I’ll be denied.

Did you guys send out transcript yet?

On my to do list it says to send transcript but it was not being specific on the deadline.

@12baymax05 I heard that if you are missing one then you should be okay. Certain schools are more strict on the finishing prereqs. You should be fine.

@nat2570 Should be coming out around mid Feb.