Starting the Freshman Fall 2019/Class of '23 thread.

Good luck!

Daughter was accepted tonight!

GPA: 3.53 (10-11) or 3.72 (+ fall grades)
SAT: 1240
Major: Kinesiology

Her first choice and will be attending.

My son was just admitted too , biological sciences. California GPA 3.67 SAT 1350. Local.

Accepted! Transfer, biological sciences, non-local, GPA 3.75

Accepted, local, 3.55 GPA 1360 SAT (700 English, 660 Math)

As you all post your stats it might be helpful people to know:

Local, other CA or OSS:

Applied date:
Decision date:
Anything else you want to add:

Congrats to all already in and good luck to those waiting on decisions!

My daughter was accepted.

Other CA
Major: Psychology
Applied: 11-1-19
Decision date: 2-1-19
GPA: 4.03 weighted
ACT: 28
SAT: 1310

Good luck everyone!

SAT: 1290
GPA: 3.95
Local, other CA or OSS: Local
Gender: male

Major: Computer Science B.S.
Applied date: Nov. 1
Decision date: Feb 1
Decision: accepted
Anything else you want to add: was a good start to the weekend :slight_smile:

SAT: 1390
GPA: 3.64 (CSU)
Local, other CA or OSS: Local
Gender: Male

Major: Undeclared
Applied date: 11/2/18
Decision date: 2/1/19
Decision: Accepted

SAT: 1550
ACT: lol
GPA: 3.88 W (CSU)
Region: California
Gender: Male

Major: Business Mgmt. (might change)
Applied Date: 11/08/18
Decision Date: 02/7/19
Decision: Accepted

Dear Katherine T,

I am pleased to offer you admission to the Fall 2019 semester at California State University, Fullerton! Congratulations on your high school academic performance! On behalf of the University, I extend to you a warm welcome to our academic community.

As a new student, you will find that the University offers an abundance of possibilities for growth in terms of academics, activities and services. The entire CSU Fullerton community invites you to take on the intellectual and personal challenges and opportunities that are parts of a university education.

It is very important that you review all conditions of your admission to the University for the Fall 2019 term. Please read this information carefully and observe the deadlines and dates that are posted. CSU Fullerton strictly enforces deadlines and may rescind your admission if a required deadline is missed. To view all admission deadlines, please visit the Admission Deadlines page. It is also important you log into your Student Portal to note any “To Do List” items that are required. Please note that we will communicate with you through your CSUF email address, which can be accessed through your Student Portal. Your portal and email login information was provided to you in your application acknowledgement email.
Etc…There was more in the letter, but I kept it short.

My daughter received this yesterday 2/7/2019
SAT: 1300
GPA: 4.7
Region: Southern California
Gender: Female
Major: Cinema and Television Arts
Date Applied: Nov. 1st, 2018
Decision Accepted: 2/7/2019

SAT: 1540 (740R/800M)
GPA: 4.15 CSU weighted (3.9UW/4.6W)
Local, other CA or OSS: Orange County
Gender: Male

Major: Accounting
Applied date: 11/01/2018
Decision date: 02/01/2019
Decision: Accepted
Anything else you want to add: also interviewed and accepted to the Business Honors Program

Major: Sociology
CSU Gpa: 3.7 (UW: 3.5)
Sat: 1010
Region: Non local but in-state
No decision yet

SAT: 1130
GPA: 2.83
Local, other CA or OSS: Other CA, I’m L.A county
Gender: Female

Major: History
Applied date: 11-28-18
Decision date: none yet
Decision: none yet
Anything else you want to add: This school is my first choice but it’s kind of a stretch for me

Major: Undeclared
CSU GPA: 3.5
SAT: 1330
Region: In-state but not local

Accepted with distinction on 2/7

Accepted with distinction today!

Accepted today.

Accepted today
3.5 gpa , 1220 sat, marketing

SAT: 1100
GPA: 3.92
Local, other CA or OSS: Other CA, LA county
Gender: Female

Major: History
Applied date: 11/21/18
Decision date: 2/22/19
Decision: Accepted

SAT: 1430
GPA: 3.21 (CSU)
Not Local but in-state (SF bay area)
Major: Communications
Decision: Accepted