Still waiting. I have my fingers crossed

Still waiting :frowning: really scared!!

Major: Psychology
CSU GPA: 3.3
SAT: 1210
CA resident (Los Angeles)

I got waitlisted for CSULB for Psychology and I’ve been told that Long Beach and Fullerton have similar acceptance rates. CSUF is my first choice though. The longer they take for my decision the more I feel like I won’t get in :frowning:

Still waiting for a decision. :expressionless:
CSUF is the last school I’m waiting to hear from. Would really like to know so that I can make my decision and move forward.

Still waiting as well…
GPA: 3.62
SAT: 1170
Major: Biological Sciences

Have already been admitted to ASU, CSUSM, USF, LSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and a few more.

CSU GPA: 3.86
SAT: 1230 (610M 620E)
Major: Civil Engineering
In State, non-local

Application received, no decision left, not holding out hope at this point

I’m really scared, got denied from SDSU, my app from CSULB was withdrawn because they didn’t receive my SAT scores (even though i sent them). All I have left are UCLA, UCI, UCSD, CPP, CPSLO, and CSUF. Honestly considering going to a Community at this point.

CSU GPA: 3.85
SAT: 1400
ACT: 33
Major: Biological Science
In State, Local
Application received: 10/14/18
Decision: None yet

I felt like I applied quite early compared to many of my classmates who applied in November, but it seems like all of them have gotten in except for me even though I applied before them? And I thought Cal States were rolling admission… I already got into Cal Poly Pomona, CSULB, and UCR. More UC decisions are coming out soon, but I’m worried that there’s something wrong with my application? Because I don’t understand why it’s taken so long when I applied before others and some of those people applied pretty last minute. Is this normal? Does CSUF release acceptances in multiple waves? Because many already got accepted in February while I’ve been anxiously checking everyday only to find out no decision has been made yet. :frowning:

SAT: 1330
GPA: 3.42
Local, other CA or OSS: Local
Gender: Male

Major: Business
Applied date: 12/15
Decision date: 02/22
Decision: Accepted

Accepted at: UC Merced, SJSU, CSUSM, and CPP
Declined at: UC Davis, SDSU, CSULB

SAT: 1370
GPA: 3.35
Northern Cal
Decision Date 3/14 after 5pm

UPDATE: Accepted with distinction!! :slight_smile:
Major: Psychology
CSU GPA: 3.3
SAT: 1210
CA resident (Los Angeles)

They sent out some more acceptances today! I didn’t get my letter yet though, I checked my portal and the application status said I was admitted with distinction.

Major: Computer Engineering

Admitted w/ distinction!
GPA: 3.86
SAT: 1170
Major: Biological Sciences

No Decision for me yet :frowning:
Major: Civil Engineering
Submitted 12/15

I am a transfer student from Mt. SAC with a 3.4 GPA. Still have not gotten an admission decision and the deadline to send in transcripts for those who are admitted is today. Should I be concerned?

Still waiting on a decision
Gpa: 3.1… (3.2 with teacher TRac program boost)
Location: Cerritos college transfer
Major: English education
Desicion: none yet.
I’ve already submitted my official transcripts to them on feb 19th. Just checked my portal and it’s asking for final spring grades. I’ve completed all my golden 4 except my math which is in progress
Golden 4: A, A, B, IP

I’m on the same boat!
I called admissions office today and they said they still have more waves of students to go through, so that’s hopefully us next!
She said not to worry about the deadline. :slight_smile:

Here is the CSU Fullerton Transfer thread @themightyeagle @nessabee @Jennyyyy310


Has anyone heard back for Sociology?

Accepted with distinction
Major : Engineering
Accepted:Cal Poly Pomona, UC Riverside, San Jose State

@Ivyec are you local to fullerton?

@ivyec did you receive your acceptance this morning?