CSUF FALL 2019 WAITLIST (First-Time Freshman)

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Waitlisted Today for Fall 2019

Firstime Freshman w/College Classwork (Duel Enrollment English)

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems


CSU GPA: 2.95
SAT: 1060
Local: Yes - (Orange County)

My son was also wait listed today for Fall 2019 - He will be a first-time freshman.
Major: Political Science
GPA: 3.3
SAT: 1110
Not local, but CA (Bay Area)

Anyone know how this wait list thing works? What are his chances of being admitted? He’s been offered admission at CSUMB, Sac State, University of Colorado - Denver, and Colorado State. Still waiting for CSUN and CSUSM.

Taken from a thread from last year:

You’re pretty much waiting for those who have been admitted into computer science to either accept their admission or decline. Your chances of getting in depends on those who decline and free up a spot for someone on the waitlist. The waitlist is ranked by your eligibility index (GPA and SAT/ACT). The higher your EI is, the further up you are on the list and the higher your chances are to get off the waitlist.
Treat a waitlist as a rejection because you may not be accepted off of it and when the time comes, still SIR to another school in case you don’t make it off this waitlist. This way, you have a school you’ve committed to just in case.
However, if you DO get off the waitlist, you can contact the school you have SIR’d to and retract your commitment to that school. You will not get your deposit back, but you will be able to commit to CSUF.
Note that if you do get off the waitlist for CSUF, housing will be a bit difficult to get a hold of because it’s first come first serve. There may be rooms left, however they may not be the most ideal (they may be singles instead of doubles. singles can be pricey).
All we can hope for is that those with really high stats get accepted to some UC’s or other great schools and decline their offer of admission here.
Fingers crossed!

My son just got placed on the waitlist for CSUF Fall 2019 , yesterday.

GPA 3.08
ACT 26
Criminal Justice, Freshman
Local/from Orange County.
Praying those highly qualified applicants who had CSUF as their safety school reject their admission offers ASAP to open a space for him.

Got placed on the waitlist today
GPA: 3.53
SAT: 1130
Not local- LA County

I’m assuming that the rest of the people who haven’t gotten a response will be waitlisted or rejected?

Did anyone get accepted yet?

no not yet still waiting !

still waiting

same, still waiting

I called the admissions office yesterday and they said that waitlist acceptances will start releasing next week!!

yay fingers cross!!

@boba15 hey omg i’m on the waitlist too! but when i tried calling the admissions office it said they couldn’t answer??

Has anyone heard back from them yet??

not yet :confused: