Hello! Since May 1st is gradually approaching, decisions for anyone who is currently on the waitlist will eventually be hearing from the admission of office. So creating this topic discussion until then!

Are we supposed to just check our portal like usual to find our decision, or will we be sent an email?

Does anyone know when they will start to actually release the final decisions for the waitlist? Is it all on the same day or is it random for everyone?

I’m still on the waitlist for civil engineering

@austinchargers it depends on your major. When someone of your major decides not to attend a spot opens up for whoever is next in the waitlist

I’m still on the waitlist
Psychology major
Transfer student
GPA 3.0

I’m still on the waitlist,

Business major

I applied as an art major 3.5 gpa

still waiting

happy decision day everyone!

theatre major
in state, non-local (bay area)
3.3 gpa
1110 sat
still on the waitlist

I got in contact with the interim admissions director a couple of weeks back and sent him a Letter of Continued Interest. Not sure if that’ll make a difference, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt. fingers crossed!

@sleepycookie i’ve applied to another csu because May 1st enrollment deadline. i’m Still interested in applying for csuf, and understand there is no refund when I transfer over if I got admitted off of waitlist. Which email did you contact For Letter of Continued Interest, I would like to know so I can also send a letter for consideration?

Oh I forgot to add:
Major - Cinema and Televison Arts
GPA: 3.33
SAT: 1040
In State, Non-local (OC)

Business Major
GPA: 3.09

I’m on the waitlist
Theatre Arts Major
GPA: 3.34

Business Major
Transfer student
Non-local but CA resident
GPA: 3.27
Still waiting!!!
I wish we found out the final decision by Friday :frowning:

@ctran999 the way I went about it was a bit roundabout, so i’m not sure if it’ll work exactly the same for you. I sent my letter in initially about a week after I found out I was waitlisted and I sent it to the general admissions/@fullerton.edu email. But, after two weeks with no response, I did some internet sleuthing and found the email of someone named Nancy Dority (i found her via the administration directory somewhere on the csuf website). I wasn’t sure if she was the right person to contact, but I just wanted to get my letter out there somehow. I sent it to her along with a disclaimer/apology if the email didn’t concern her, and I asked if she could pass it along to the right person. She was very sweet and responded within a couple of minutes. She said she would forward my letter to the interim admissions director Larry Martin, and she copied him on her response. His email is larrymartin@fullerton.edu. I have since sent him one more email to that address.

Sorry this is so long. I only felt the need to preface with this because I have never actually received a response from Mr. Martin directly (not to my initial letter/email chain w Ms. Dority, nor to my second email). So, I’m not quite sure what kind of response you’ll get, if any, but I hope this is helpful to you anyway. Goodluck!

major - political science
in state but from the bay area
not sure if their decisions are going to be the same, but last year some people got off the waitlist around may 4th. i’m guessing it’ll be around the same time, fingers crossed. good luck everyone!

@sleepycookie do you have any social media where I can Pm you? If you don’t mind, I would like to talk to you :slight_smile:

Jesus… The office said it would comes out mid May or even early Juan…

I saw on another discussion (also about csuf 2019 waitlist) that someone called admissions yesterday and they said that they’ll start releasing decisions next week!!

Hello!! I read in the original email they will be emailing us decisions early-mid June!
Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.05
AAT: Yes
In state, non local (Orange County)