CSUF **Fall 2021** Accepted?. please list Accepted or other / Major/ GPA / local status

Still waiting

Decision: S21 admitted on portal
CSU GPA: 3.67
Major : Accounting
HS Rigor: 8 APs, 8 Honors
Local, so cal
ECs: Tennis

Admitted: CSUF, CPP, ASU

Waiting: SDSU

transfer applicant
major- psychology
gpa- 3.73 (3.83 w/ADT)
golden four- A A C B
applied- csulb (rejected), csula (accepted), csudh (accepted), csuf (accepted)
non- local

Decision: S21 admitted Jan 26 email to personal address
CSU GPA: 4.01
Major : Arts (Graphic and Interactive design)
Non local NC
ECs: No school sports just sports outside of school. Multiple jobs and intern since age 14.5 years old

Admitted: CSUF, VCU Arts, CSULB, SDSU

Waiting: UCI, USC, UCLA

Decision: Admitted via email
CSU GPA: 3.85
Major: Biological Sciences
In-state, not local
ECs: Basketball, 100+ hours of volunteer service, working since 16 years old.

Admitted: CSUF, CPP, Sac State
Waitlisted: CSULB
Waiting: SDSU, UCI, UCSB

Decision for my S21: Admitted with distinction

CSU GPA: 3.97
not sure on the Math GPA
Major: Computer Science
in-state, not local to CSUF

HS course rigor (AP/IB/DE):
9 APs, 2 UC-eligible Honors 5.0 classes, and 8 community college classes (all transferrable). This includes his current classes in Senior year.
Total 29 years of A-G courses.

ECs: Robotics, Piano, Sports (state, national and international competitions), volunteer in sports and church. So his volunteer hours falls on the highest range of choices (I think it’s 20+ hours/week?), and major-related due to robotics.

No other special circumstances, not First Gen and not eligible for financial aid. No work experience.

Admitted: CPP, CSUF, CSULA, CSUSB, CSUN, CSUCI, CalLutheran, Univ of Pacific
Waitlisted: CSULB
Pending: SLO, SJSU, SDSU, 5 UCs

Admitted today (March 2nd) via Portal and Email
Local- yes
Admitted: CSUF, CSSM, Chico state, CSUN
waitlisted- CSULB

Transfer student
Major: Computer science
GPA: 3.36
Local: Yes
Rejected: CPP
Applied: SDSU, CPSLO, Chapman, UCI, UCR, UCSC

Just a PSA from a past VCU student :slight_smile: dont go… its not great, terrible food, a lot of crime, and terrible facilities

When did you go? I didn’t realize VCU was bad! Thank you for the info!!

CSUF=DD Still waiting
Major-Liberal Studies
Local-No. But in State-NorCal
Admitted in State: CSUN, Chico, SJSU.
Admitted OOS: Boise State, UNR, Oregon State, University of Idaho, Northern Arizona, University of Hawaii-Manoa.
waitlisted- none
rejected- technically none but pretty sure about Cal Poly
Waiting on: CSUF, SDSU, Cal Poly Slo.

I went fall of 2019! i only lasted one semester and had 2 of my roommates transfer out as-well. Of course the decision is yours and while there program isn’t terrible the student life and overall experience definitely is not worth your college experience

CSUF- DD Admitted

HS Weighted GPA 4.51
Unweighted GPA 3.92
Major: Business (changing to Psych?)
8 AP classes
Local - no (San Diego)
Applied: CSUF, CPP
Admitted: CSUF, CPP

you might want to edit your post. When I first read it I thought you were talking about Fullerton.

Denisd 3/24 :frowning:

Wondering if anyone knows how long it takes for CSUF to clear the hold for GPA and Units verification?

transfer applicant
major- Sociology
gpa- 3.3 W/ ADT
golden four- B, A, A, A
applied- CSUF(accepted), CSULB (waitlisted)
Local to Fullerton

Has anyone here been accepted off the waitlist yet?


nope. Does anyone know when they will release waitlist decisions?

I’ve created an Instagram page where you can meet and interact with incoming transfers for the Class of 2023. Me and my partner started this page a couple weeks ago and we’ve have less than 100 followers so far. Our goal is to help put our page on the map because we want reach a broader audience and build a community with newly incoming transfers. So, please follow our Instagram page @csuftransfer2023 so that you can meet and interact with other transfer students. And. if you’re an incoming transfer for 2023, reach out to me and you’ll have the opportunity to be featured on our page.

Any update you’ve heard on freshman waitlist decisions?