- CSUF Fall 2021 Transfer Thread -

Hello everyone!

Here is what I am working towards in order to transfer to a 4-year university. I hope I can make it into one of these schools because idk xD. I am really anxious about how the application process will turn out due to the pandemic.

Major: Film & Television
GPA: 4.0
AA-T/AS-T?: Yes
Pre-reqs: completed most prereqs, but need to take one more class (already place attendance for Spring 2021 at my community college)
Golden Four: A, A, A, taking English critical thinking Spring 2021 at my community college
Applied: Fullerton, Long Beach, Chapman University (debating)

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I’m also anxious about the application process. Does anybody know when items will start being posted on the to-do list on the portal? I have been checking a bunch but have not had any to-do items posted. Please let me know!
Major: Painting & Drawing
GPA: 4.0
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Pre-Reqs: Finishing up three more classes in the spring
Golden Four: A,A,A,A
Applied: CSUF, CSULB

Hello kailigodgrey,

Sorry for the late response. I’ve also haven’t received any notification from my to-do list tab on the portal, and I am really anxious about it. I’ve read from the transfer guidelines that apparently there should be a notification from the to-do list to indicate you to submit your official academic transcripts.

I have email my concerns to admissions offices, and currently waiting for their response.

About an hour ago I received an email from CSUF requesting my transcripts be sent in for verification. Nothing in my to-do list as of yet though. Probably still processing though. At least this is an indication the process is going forward and they’ve started sending info out to possible transfers.

got accepted into CSUF with distinction : D!!

major: Cinema and Television Arts

(now I got to wait for CSULB and Chapman for I make the final decision : P )

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I know people like to know when acceptances go out. My daughter was just accepted with distinction.
Major: Liberal Studies - Elementary Education
GPA: 4.0
Pre-Reqs: Complete
Golden Four: A,A,A,A

Hellooo all! Thank you for making the thread :slight_smile: Good luck!

Major: Studio Arts
GPA: 3.7 (excluding AA-T)
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: In-progress for Spring 2021
Golden Four: A A; others are In-progress for Spring 2021
Local: No (Bay area)

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Got accepted into CSUF with distinction (:

Major: Business - accounting
GPA: 4.0
AA-T/AS-T? Yes
Pre-reqs: completed
Golden four: A, A, A, A
Applied: csuf, csun, sjsu, cal poly slo, sdsu, csulb

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Hello everyone! Accepted to CSU Fullerton

Major: Pre-Business
GPA: Currently 3.84 but 4.0 at my current institution had 2 classes from a few years back bringing down my GPA
AA-T/AS-T?: Yes
Pre-reqs: Will all be complete by spring
Golden Four: A, B, in progress, A
Applied: Some CSU’s and UCS and 2 privates

Major: Computer Science
Applied: November 06, 2020
GPA: 3.94
Transferable Units Completed: 64
AA-T/AS-T: Computer Science and Math (for fun)
Pre-reqs: All will be completed by Spring 2021
(Everything except Physics)
Golden 4: A,A,A,A
GE Classes: Will be completed by the end of Spring 2021
Area: San Bernardino, CA

Just got admitted email from CSUF on 2/3.

Update: Just Admitted to CalStateLA for Business Admin 2/10

Major: Accounting
GPA: 3.24
AA-T/AS-T?: Yes
Pre-Reqs: Finishing up 4 more classes in Spring
Golden Four: A, B, C, B
Applied: CSUF, CSUSB, Cal Poly Pomona, CSULB

How are you guys getting your decisions so early I still have not gotten any email from anyone.

hey y’all!
major- psych
cum gpa- 3.73
golden four- A A C B
planning on receiving an AA-T
pre-reqs- complete
not local but live 30 mins away
applied- csulb (rejected), csuf (pending), csula (accepted) & csudh (accepted)

check the self service website

For which school?

for csuf

its the portal right? they still havent made a decision lol. Got accepted at CSULB

yeah the portal. and congrats! are u a lb local?

Thank you! And no I’m local to CSUSB

Hello everyone!

major- psych
cum gpa- 3.3 w/o adt bump
planning on receiving an AA-T in the spring
pre-reqs- complete
local- no im from the sd area
applied- csulb (rejected), csula (accepted), csuf (pending), & sfsu (pending)