CSUF Spring 2019 Transfer Worries

Guys I need some advice, I’ve applied to Cal State Fullerton and they are now requesting my transcripts, and I am really stressing about whether or not I will be accepted or not. I am a local student since I live in the city of Fullerton, literally 10 minutes away from the campus, but my biggest fear is my GPA. It is at a 2.73. I have already completed my golden four ( 1 A and 3 B’s) but I’m just doubting myself that I will not get in, my major is communications advertising. anyone have any advise ??? thanks

I know this is a stressful situation but there is nothing you can do for now. Csuf said that Local Area GPA cutoff was 2.75 last year. So I think you will have a good chance.

@supersolis738392 Well, you don’t have much choice if they are requesting transcripts… Its either you submit them or not at all which will automatically withdraw your application. So, submit them and hope for the best and don’t stress out much.
From my perspective, you are local too, so you have much better chance of getting in than somebody else.

Good Luck!

@supersolis738392 U probably will get waitlisted, GOOD LUCK

I think you’ll have a good chance. I just got accepted with a lower gpa than that

^^ what’s your GPA?? I’m applying in Fall and I’m scared.

@Caligirl2222 fall is much more competitive to get admitted, but im pretty sure i seen somewhere in their website the min gpa is 2.5

Minimum Local Transfer GPA was 2.75+. For Non-local was 3.4+ but both of these thresholds were for Fall.

@Gumbymom hey, I’m just wondering where can I get these stats from previous semesters? Thank you

@RichardBIV I only have been able to find data for Fall semester last year.