CSUF Spring 2020 Transfers | GPA and Units Verification

Thought I’d make a new thread for all who were accepted so we don’t spam the other one.

Has anyone been successful yet in getting the GPA and Units Verification and/or the Final College Transcript To Do hold removed?

I sent them my official transcripts (2 different schools) back on August 15th. Both were confirmed as received and on file right after I was accepted (confirmed over the phone).

I sent them my unofficial transcripts the day I was accepted to verify@ on 10/14. I also hand-delivered them my unofficial transcripts last week on Thursday (10/24) because I needed to speak with someone on campus. Again, I confirmed they have my official transcripts as well.

I just did the online orientation… holds are still there. Who else is battling this? I was about to call again but I was Number #8 in the queue so hung up for now.

I contacted my CC asking if they sent my verification and official transcripts and they said that sometimes Cal States don’t process these until after November 1. So hopefully my hold will be taken off soon since I sent them last month!

Also, where are you able to access the online orientation? I feel like I’ve been looking all over my titan portal and still can’t find it. Do I need to take the hold off of my account first?

Yes! Where you check your application status, under the “Admission” headline there is a link called “orientation”! I was able to complete the online orientation before the hold falling off. Both my To Do (final transcript) and the GPA/Unit hold are finally gone but I am still waiting for the heads up on the final evaluation results…

Did you ever get the hold removed? I have already sent transcripts from my current college as well as the unofficial one to the email. There is still a hold on my account.

Thanks for the help! I did the online orientation and sent in the unofficial transcript email days ago but the hold is still there. I’m thinking of just traveling to the campus tomorrow and just give them my transcripts in person.

I too still have the GPA/units hold and transcript verification notice. I’ve sent the transcripts for the previous schools. One dropped off late last week and the other one is still pending. I received notification that they opened the email for the official transcript that was missing so I know they have it. I tried to call today and was #18 in queue so I didn’t want to hold.

I am just waiting for all of this to be finalized so I can truly celebrate and prepare.

Hey guys. I checked my portal today and my gpa & unit Verification was removed! All I have on hold is my mandatory in-person orientation.

Went down to admission office yesterday to hand deliver my transcript that they still have not processed. I asked about removing the gpa/units hold and she said it will be done within the next week or two, that they like to have it all done by orientation day. Hoping mine drops off soon!

I registered for classes yesterday! If you haven’t yet, even if you plan to do the in person orientation, do the online orientation first. It’ll get the orientation hold removed and hopefully give you a sooner registration date (if you didn’t get one yet)! My degree is still pending evaluation (lol kill me) so I was only able to register for classes that had the few sections that did already clear as pre reqs (because I took those classes at a CA CC).

Are we able to register for classes if we still have the holds? I hand delivered my transcripts this week after finding out that my CC never sent my transcripts when I asked them to last month -_- let’s hope the wait wont be too long!

If you have enrollment dates posted in your student portal you should be able to! If you didn’t get enrollment dates yet I would call admissions & records…

My holds were FINALLY lifted! I’ve been calling all the time and they kept telling me to wait that they’d get to it. So glad it’s finally done!
Orientation is Friday and then I can register. A little bummed since some of the classes I need are already full.