CSUF Spring 2020 Transfers

Hi all,

I couldn’t find one of these so I thought I’d make my own. Roll call for everyone who applied for Spring 2020 transfer :slight_smile:

Major: Public Administration
GPA: 3.62
AA-T/AS-T: AA in General Studies from Community College of RI (2015 / Non-Trad Student)
Pre-reqs: N/A
Golden 4: All completed/All A’s
Area: Long Beach
Other schools applied to: Cal Poly Pomona

I’m a little nervous because my degree is from out of state, and I’ve been having some issues with the CSU system and LBCC trying to convince me I will essentially need to redo my entire Associate’s degree (which is, if you ask me, utter nonsense). I did take a few classes at LBCC that I had previously not taken due to different rules at my CC in Rhode Island.

I am also a little nervous because I have 50 transferable units + 12 CLEP units (=62 units). For some reason CalStateApply gave me the error that I do not fulfill the Upper Division Transfer Requirements, but I have a feeling the CLEP units may have to be counted manually or something. That said, my partner nearly accepted a job in Antelope Valley last year and I was admitted to CSUB, however, the move ended up not happening and as such I did not commit to CSUB. They did count my CLEP units so I’m hoping it’s really just a technical error/formality.

Anyway. Hi and good luck to all! I hope we all make it. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, I got denied admission from CSUF for fall 2019 semester so I reapplied for the spring on the 10th. I am transferring from MT. SAC. Hoping to get accepted this time since I raised my GPA from a 2.9 to a 3.0

Major: Kinesiology
GPA: 3.02
A.A. degree: Kinesiology (completed/earned 2019)
Golden 4: AAAA
Area: Out of Local (L.A. county)
Other schools applied: CSULB

Good luck and congratulations on your hard work! I hope you get in!!

GPA 3.5
Golden 4: A, A, C, (AP Credit)
ADT: Sociology
AA: Social and Behavioral Science, Humanities, Philosophy & Arts, Sociology
Area: Not Local
Applied to: UCR, CSUF

Weirdly enough my only C was in a golden four, just my luck! lol

thank you and you as well! have you sent your transcripts already? not sure whether to send them now or after getting accepted (if I do)

Hi everyone! I submitted my applications on the 5th and I’m just anxiously waiting to hear back. I’ve been told CSUF’s transfer rate is pretty high so hopefully it’s true!

Major: Kinesiology
GPA: 3.17 w/ ADT bump
Golden 4: A,B,B,C
Area: Non-Local (Ventura County)
Applied to: CSULB, SJSU, Fresno State

I’m also taking a few classes this fall, will that help my GPA or will they just look at the GPA I had at the end of Summer 2019 because that’s when I received my ADT. Good luck to everyone!

I sent them over… I know each of the CSUs has different guidelines as for when to send them, but it seems like CSUF needs them prior to making a decision? I could be totally wrong though. This is what I went by: http://admissions.fullerton.edu/ProspectiveStudent/admissions_transfers.php

Does anyone get accepted?

Hi everyone, I’m student at mtsac, I had to wait to apply to CSUF and Cal Poly Pomona until August 17 because my grades for summer didn’t come out until August 15, admissions said it was a computer glitch, and one of my golden four was in this last summer.
I haven’t received notifications yet from CSUF or Pomona. I took math 100F from Fullerton college as part of my golden four. It’s supposed to be same at Survey of College Math 100 at mtsac. Let me know if anyone gets notices from admissions from CSU.
My major is Child Adolescences Studies
My GPA is 3.94
I’m AS-Transfer
I have 51 units after summer but will have 61 after fall 2019.

Hi all, this is my third time applying to csuf (got rejected for fall 2019 & back in 2016) but I keep hearing that for the Spring it’s a little easier for transfer students to get in… Lets hope it’s true since fall hasn’t been lucky for me haha. Regardless good luck to everyone!

Major: BFA Entertainment Art/Animation
GPA 3.23
Golden 4: A,B,B,B
AA: Visual Arts
Area: Non-local (San Bernardino county)
Applied to: CSULB

Hi everyone! Hopefully this time around will be good for me
Major: Economics
GPA: 3.22
AA-T/AS-T: AA in Economics
Pre-reqs: N/A
Golden 4: All completed A, B, B, B
Area: Socal/ Irvine
Other schools applied to: CSULB/UCR

Its important to send your transcripts to CSUF! They need them in order to make a decision regarding your application. If you read over the email they should have sent you they ask that you send them your transcripts as soon as you can.

@bezzuz How did you send your transcript to CSUF? Been looking around for answers but haven’t found one yet

@sphinx7 You have to request official transcripts via your previous colleges (a quick Google search of Sample Community College + Request Official Transcripts should do the trick if you can’t locate a link on their site). It usually redirects your to a 3rd party service, i.e. both my previous CCs used Credential Services, where you have to provide your information and then select where the transcripts should be mailed. If you are coming from a California school it should be super easy because they transmit the transcripts online. My out of state CC had to mail them in.

Reach out to your CC, they should help you. You can also do it yourself by accessing your student portal and requesting official transcripts. If you can’t find it, you should talk to your school’s transfer center or a counselor.

@k8champs @Bezzuz definitely will go to my transfer center to ask. But in case, i already did order official transcripts to send to my schools

For spring admissions 2020, Has anyone received email or letter from admissions from CSUF? I hear that were supposed to get information about loggin into a portal.

Yes yes you were suppose to receive your CWID in an email and make an account with them. You will log in to their student portal and go to titan online you go to student self service then click on student center and then click on application status in order to view your application. ( I have experience with their system before since I was admitted in 2017 but was unable to actually attend due to financial reasons) that the main way they will communicate with you. Through their portal so make sure you are checking !

I received the portal ID but no requests for information, just a message that no decision has been made. Do you know how long it takes for them to make a decision? I was originally planning to apply for fall but decided to apply for Spring since I heard it might be easier to get accepted in Spring.

I did some deep digging in threads for Spring 2019 from last year and it seems like decisions might start rolling in soon and then through Halloween… fingers crossed we hear soon!