CSUF Theatre Program Transfer GPA

Can anyone shed any light on Non-Local area transfer GPA’s that were accepted into the BA or BFA Acting programs??? I’m just trying to see if applying there will be futile, even with retaking classes to raise my GPA.

I just made an account, but are you a community college student? Usually if you have a 3 (B average) or higher, you should be fine. CSUF is very competitive nowadays, and the theater program is pretty good there. Don’t get any C’s and you should be fine.

Yes, I’m a community college student. My school isn’t apart of CSUF’s local area either, so that’s why I’m so worried. I know how competitive their BFA program is, and it’s my dream school. Just wish I’d found out what I wanted to do sooner, and made more effort with my grades. I’m hoping having at least the 3.0 GPA will get me into the program. I’ve heard from transfer advisors that minimum GPA for out of area transfers is usually around 3.5, so I was wondering if that was theatre majors as well?