CSUF - Transfer student & CalGrants worry


So I Finished my Community college this last Summer, and due to COVID, I did not transfer during the fall, nor did I take any classes at my community college during the Fall. For the most part, I was dealing with maintaining a job/COVID as well as getting my AA, seeing as I didn’t get a chance to Graduate my junior college during the summer.

I was betting my financial stability on Cal grants. Which I meet every requirement for, but alas I spotted this recruitment I did not see before which made my heart sink.

Under “Cal Grant Transfer Entitlement Award Eligibility Requirements”

"There cannot be a gap in enrollment between attendance at the California Community college and the 4-Year University"

I am at that borderline state, where I can’t get Federal Aid, but I am not financially stable. I was expecting Cal grants, but because I was busy this fall. Does that mean I am simply void from receiving any Cal grants?

Thank you for clarification, and help. I’m very worried by this.

HI @CureFor! Welcome to CC!
I am attaching the link to the fact sheet.
What you should probably do, at this point, is to call the Cal Grant offices directly and explain that you are new to the process and need to ask about a leave of absence from the program (especially before the holiday period). They are very nice and explain things well and will walk you through your next steps. They understand that Covid has impacted everyone.
Call them By phone: (888) 224‐7268
Don’t do it by email. They need to hear your concern and your voice.
Cal Grant Fact Sheet