CSUF Transfer Students Fall 2019

Applying tomorrow Oct. 2nd at a school workshop. This school is my top choice. I’m soo nervous. Drop your stats :wink:

Hello! This is my first post here at CC. I applied to CSUF a few days ago and this is my top school as well.

Major: Business Administration, Operations and Supply Chain Management
GPA: 3.53
AA-T/AS-T: In progress
Pre-Reqs: In progress
Golden 4: A, A, A, (AP ENG LANG)
Local: Yes

Which cc do you go to?

I go to IVC :slight_smile:

omg you will get in you’re in the region. I’m at ECC. I have above a 3.0 but I’m nervous.

Still applying but Fullerton is my top school since it’s closest to my house. Going to a workshop Thursday to get more help then probably submitting my application sometime later this week.
Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.33
AA-S/AS-T: Yes
Golden Four: B, B, A, In Progress
Local: Yes? I go to Orange Coast College

I applied to CSUF on 11/13!
Major: Public Administration
CSU GPA: 3.79 (after fall term grades should be bumped to 3.89)
AA-T: Yes
Golden Four: 1 A, 3 IP
Local: Yes - Saddleback (Honors Program)
Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Hi everyone I applied to CSUF, it’s my #1 choice.
Major: International Business
GPA: 3.93
AS-t: yes
Golden four: 3 A’s and 1 B
Local: no

Good luck everyone,

Does anyone know what the next step for us is? Do we have to do a supplemental application or something?

Good question,I am wondering the same. I applied to CSULB and they emailed me requesting updates, but nothing from the other Cal states. Hopefully someone else will be able to answer.

Have you set up your Titan (school) portal? CSUF gives you an email address as well, which I thought was odd.

Hi guys! I applied to CSUF as a transfer student in October and I have not heard anything about a specific supplemental application like CSULB has. However in December on the CSUF portal, it was put on my to do list that they wanted my Fall 2018 Final Grades. It asked for unofficial transcripts with fall 2018 golden four grades and then it also mentioned it wanted official transcripts with fall grades as well.

Major: Kinesiology
GPA: 3.97
AA-T/AS-T: no
Pre Reqs: will have everything finished by the end of spring 2019 except some 1 unit fitness classes.
Golden 4: All A’s
Local: Yes

Update after Fall 2018:
Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.34
AA-S/AS-T: Yes
Golden Four: B, B, A, B
Local: Yes

Hey everyone I just noticed on my csuf portal that I need to submit an unofficial transcript with my fall grades and an official one by mid February. Check your portal’s you most likely have the same to do list.

I checked the portal and it hasn’t given me anything in my to do list.

@Caligirl222: It can take a few days before all portals are updated. Keep checking.

My to do list is also empty. Hope it opens up soon, I’m a little worried.

Major: Computer science
GPA: 3.4
AA-T/AS-T: none
Pre-Reqs: in progress
Golden 4: A, A, A, B
Local: Yes, orange coast college

Also, I’m a bit worried because I haven’t taken the science classes that they say you should take( biology, chem, etc). will this significantly impact my chances?

@transfers Don’t worry! Im sure things will come up on your to do list soon :slight_smile: . Also from what I found out from the CSUF transfer center and one of their counselors, they mainly consider your GPA and that your golden four courses are completed with 60 transferable units. The counselor told me that CSUF is one of the schools that doesn’t focus as much on if your pre reqs are completed like many of the other schools do, but it does help to have most of them finished. But it shouldn’t significantly impact your chances

Major: Art (Teaching Concentration)
GPA: 3.47
AA: Yes, in Art
Lower Div. Prep: Missing (2) that has no articulation in my school.
Golden 4: BBBB
Local: Yes? (I got my AA at Coastline CC but last chools attended were LBCC (4 units and OCC (3 units))

Which method is best to drop off the unofficial transcript for Fall 2018? In-Person, Fax or Mail?

@adreezybones I would say that mailing it is probably just fine! I sent mine in through the mail.