CSUF Transfer Students Fall 2019

For those who had to submit unofficial transcripts (as per the to-do list), how long did it take for you guys until it got cleared out on your list from the time you submitted?

@adreezybones I had it on my to do list until this past monday…but they cleared it because i attended a university tour and i went to admissions on campus and asked them if they had received it since i had already sent them out since dec. and they did and thats how they cleared mine

I took them about a week to clear mine.

Thanks for your response @juamariana1992 and @Jayyousi I sent mine about 3 weeks ago and called them twice about it with both people giving me different answers.

When I first sent mine using fax I called them a week after and it was not received, so I emailed my transcript and called a couple days after, but still it was showing that it was not received. The third time I did it I called the admissions office explained to them what happened and sent the email and they told me to call back in an hour to confirm it was received, but the guy was nice enough to check the email within less than an hour and he emailed me back confirming that it was received. I guess they don’t have the best Admissions’s team this year, who knows.

I just checked my portal tonight and it says I have been admitted with distinction!! I totally wasn’t expecting this this early!!

Major: Kinesiology
GPA: 3.97
AA-T/AS-T: no
Pre Reqs: will have everything finished by the end of spring 2019 except some 1 unit fitness classes.
Golden 4: All A’s
Local: Yes

Holy crap already?? Its still January though…

Congratulations @musiclover1404

@ashley31836 ikr! I didn’t think decisions would come out for a few more weeks.

@adreezybones Thank you!! :slight_smile:

@musiclover1404 Wow congrats! That’s super early. You nearly have a 4.0 so maybe they’re sending out acceptances to the top applicants.

OMG!! I just checked my application status and it also says that I was admitted with distinction. I was also sent an email asking for a degree verification earlier this week, although I did not get a formal email telling that I was accepted. I hope the best for all of you!

Me too I just got accepted this is amazing good luck everyone.

does anyone else have a to-do item that has to do with spring 2019 & an unofficial transcript? im a fall transfer so im kind of confused about it

@maliaaoliverr I don’t think we have to submit anything to do with spring 2019 other than our planned courses or inprogress courses.

just received my acceptance as well!! at first i thought it was a mistake since it’s so early and i didn’t receive an email, just the portal stating i was accepted.

Where in the portal did you check

@ashley31836 my to-do list said “accept admissions offer” along with official transcript requests. then when i went to admission status, it said accepted as well as “accept/decline admission.” good luck!!

Got accepted today as a business major. I’m local and applied with 3.1 GPA. Also completing AD-T

My son was admitted today with a BA music (aiming to go into the BM Music performance). 3.54 gpa; not completing any transfer pattern. Fun fact: he was admitted to Fullerton as a freshman, too.