CSUF Transfer Students Fall 2020

Hi everyone! I couldn’t find a thread for fall 2020 so I decided to make one :slight_smile:
Major: Communication Studies
GPA: 3.29 when first applied but after fall grades 3.39
AA-T/AS-T: AA-T Completed
Pre-Reqs: Completed
Golden 4: A, B, B, B
Local: No, I’m located in Riverside
Currently at 49 units but I’ll have 60 by Spring

Hello there!

Major: Math (Statistics)
GPA: 3.9
AA-T/AS-T: completed
Pre-Reqs: I’m missing a programming class.
Golden 4: Completed but english I is B.
Local: No

I also applied to CSULB, CSUN, CPP, UCLA, and Berkeley.
I am really hoping I get into Fullerton. It is my first choice because I’m kinda scared of going to UC because of the cost. CSUN and CPP requires physics and I haven’t seen physics before.

Hi Guys,
Major: Sociology
GPA: 3.5
AA-T/AS-T: will be completed end of spring
Pre-Reqs: I have two classes left to take in spring
Golden 4: B, B, A, I will be completing statistics in the spring
Local: No I live in Chino Hills, and attended Mt. Sac
Applied to: CSU Chico (Online program)

CSUF is of course my first choice, but I will be happy if I get into CSU Chico.

Major: Biology
GPA: 3.2
AA-T/AS-T: Yes, will be completed end of spring
Pre-Reqs: Yes, finishing bio and physics this spring
Golden 4: A, A, B, B
Local: Yes, taken classes at Saddleback and IVC

QUESTION: when will CSUF and other schools be rolling out admissions?
when did CSUF send out admissions last year?

Hello Everyone! Thank you @jess790 for creating this thread :smile:

Major: Business
GPA: 3.65
Units: 108 (+8 units enrolled this Spring)
AS-T: Business (completed)
AA-T: Economics (completed)
CSU/UC Certification: Yes, CSU IGETC and UC IGETC
Pre-Reqs: No, taking last pre-req this Spring
Golden 4: A, B, A, A
Local: Yes, live in Brea and attended Fullerton College
Applied: CSUF, CPP, UCI, UCR, and Penn State

I was accepted to CSUF for Fall 2017, but had to withdraw before starting due to finances. I did not qualify for any financial aid, nor did I earn any scholarships. Also, I did not have my ADT completed at the time, nor did my BUS 245 Business Law course fulfill the pre-req. I am taking the BUS 240 Legal Enviornment of Business pre-req course this Spring. Since Fall 2017, I have earned the 2 ADTs plus 5 other Associate degrees (Bus Admin, Econ, IDS: Sci/Math, Soc Sci, and Soc Behav). Additionally, I will earn 2 more degrees at then end of Spring (Mkt Mgmt and IDS: Art). I have saved almost $20K for college tuition; plus, I am agressively applying for scholarships.

CSUF is still my first choice, but I have applied elsewhere just for the hell of it. Admittedly, UCI would be great, but it’s further from work and home. Penn State is their Online business degree that is supposed to be equivalent to their on-campus program, as well as being as close to an Ivy-league education less the cost. We’ll see about that. In any case, I’m spinning my wheels at community college and need to move on to a 4-year university.

Best of luck to everyone!

@jmccorkle I believe they start sending them late February or early March

I forgot to mention that I also applied to CSULB, CSUSM, and CSUN. However, CSUF is my first choice so I’m hoping to get accepted. Good luck everyone and thanks for participating in this thread! :relaxed:

Major: Business Admin- Accounting
GPA: 3.92
AA-T/AS-T: Yes!
Prereqs: Completed
Golden Four: A, A, A, A
Local: No, Moorpark College
Applied: CSUF, Cal Poly SLO, SDSU, CSULB, CSUC

Also, does anyone know if we can send in our transcripts electronically? Thank you guys and goodluck!!!

I think they are going to start sending them out Mid/Late February from what I have seen from previous years:)

Major: Math
GPA Before Fall Grades: 3.07
GPA After Fall Grades: 3.17
AA-T/AS-T: no
Prereqs: Will have completed up to the equivalent of math 250A after spring
Golden 4: Complete (can’t remember grades off the top of my head)
Local: Yes

CSUF is my first choice. Does anyone know when we’re supposed to get an item in our to-do list? I check everyday

Just received an email today from CSUF asking for a hand-delivered or mailed verification of my completed AD-T noted on my official transcripts. I guess the admissions process is moving along. However, my portal still states that no decision has been made regarding admissions.

At least this is something.

Fullerton is my first choice because I need to live at home
Major: Accounting
GPA After Fall Grades: 3.2
2 pre-reqs in spring 2020 Semester
AA-T/AS-T: no
Golden 4: Complete B/B/A/A
Local: I did not do all my classes Orange County so I guess no

I received the same email, hopefully that’s a good sign!

Major: Business Administration
GPA: 2.88
AA-T/AS-T: Yes, will be completed end of spring
Pre-Reqs: Yes, finishing physics and managerial accounting this spring
Golden 4: A, A, A, A
Local: No, Taken classes at SBCC and VC
Accepted: CSUCI, CSUDH

I’m worried about not getting into Fullerton because of my GPA. The reason my GPA is so low is that I took 2 semsters at SBCC 5 years ago and was not really dedicated so I received 3 F’s and 3 Withdrawals during that time. My current GPA at VC is 3.42. I just recently found out about academic renewal through forums like this. I submitted my academic renewal petition form to SBCC which would make my GPA 3.42 but they are saying it takes 4-6 weeks to process it and the Cal state apply update period will be closed by then. Any helpful advice about this? Extremely gutted that I didn’t know about this sooner.

My gpa is low too so idk ?

Major: Child Development
Gpa: 2.97
AA-T/AS-T?: No
Pre-reqs: Need one more
Golden Four: 2 completed, 1 in progress, 1 in spring
Local: no
Applied: Cal Poly Pomona, Long Beach, Fullerton, and Dominguez(Accepted)

Hand delivered my official Fullerton College transcript with AD-T verification yesterday. The email said to hand deliver it to LH-114; however, there is some departmental shuffling happening on campus and I was told that the Transfer Dept was temporarily located in LH-111. I delivered it there. They asked me to write my CWID on the official transcript envelope. I also sent an email to TransferDegree@fullerton.edu informing them of my hand delivery, date, and time. I received an autoreply thanking me for my submittal and that it may take days to weeks before it is reviewed. The email also included this link to document processing times: http://admissions.fullerton.edu/apps/processingtimes.aspx

No update on my portal yet. Looking at last year’s thread, it looks as though some students were receiving early admission notices at the end of January (https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/discussion/comment/21960724/#Comment_21960724). Hopefully some of us will start receiving admission notices soon!

Where does it have the ADT verification in transcripts?

The email from CSUF specifically stated, “You indicated on your Fall 2020 admission application that you were either earning or have completed an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) from your community college. We need verification of this information from your community college by no later than March 23, 2020.” Below in the email, it also stated, “If you have already earned your degree we need an official transcript with the statement of degree posted mailed to Admissions or hand carried to LH-114.”

Since I have already completed and was awarded my AD-T degree last year, the clerk at the Fullerton College admissions office confirmed my awards were posted on my transcript before sealing it in the envelope for delivery:

Award: Associate in Science Transfer 25-MAY-2019
Major: Business Administration AS-T

This statement, as well as a list of my other degrees awarded including CSU/UC certifications, were on the first page of my official transcripts above my list of courses taken.

I hope this helped answer your question.

About the ADT verification, I actually called admissions and records and they told me that it was fine to email the unofficial transcript, and to make sure I also send an email to “transferdegree@Fullerton.edu” saying this :

My name is ______, I recently applied to CSUF for fall 2020. This morning I received and email saying that the university needs verification, once my transfer degree is awarded. I completed My AA-T on December 2019 and Long Beach City College gave me the diploma a few days ago.

My question is, even though I have not been accepted yet, Do I still need to send the updated official transcript, with my degree posted? or do I have to wait until I received an acceptance letter? Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards

And they reply :

You can email us the unofficial transcript showing the degree awarded.

So I guess you dont have to go to fullerton, you can simply email the transcript.
Hope this helps . :smile:

Hi @camilagv, that is excellent information. I wish I would have called versus going in person to Fullerton College to get my official transcripts, then hand delivering it to CSUF. I have an electronic unofficial transcript showing my degree awards from last year. I included this in the CalStateApply attached documents. I wish their email would’ve stated you could send unofficial transcripts electronically if you’ve already completed the ADT. Thanks again for the info. Good to know for everyone else, going forward.