CSULA Fall 2020

Hello! A few of my friends have heard from Cal state LA unfortunately I haven’t ): I was just wondering has anyone else heard/ what are your stats! Thanks everyone

CSU GPA: 3.3
SAT: 860 (I know awful not sure how I got in anywhere lol)
Major: Film
Extracurriculars /leadership: Cheerleader 4 years
Instate?: Yes orange county
Gender: Female
Applying to what schools? CSULA, SFSU, Humbolt state, Sac state, CSUN, Boise state, UNLV (all for variations of film)
Accepted: Boise, UNLV, Humbolt, Sac, SFSU
Waiting on: CSULA, CSUN
Thanks guys and good luck!

CSUN and CSULA have both sent out their acceptances. You should be hearing back soon :slight_smile: just keep checking for updates.

Thank you! @SunnySummer77 I heard back from Cal State LA yesterday and was accepted!! I am just waiting on CSUN although I do not think I will be attending either way (:
Good luck to everyone!