Anybody else got waitlisted for CSULB?
GPA: 3.8
SAT: 1190
ACT: 21

Yes, my daughter and several students at her high school with a known GPA range pf 3.6 to 4.1. No clue on SAT scores. Others with comparable or lesser GPA’s got in, but it clearly was all about the major.

My daughter’s stats:
GPA: 3.6
SAT: 1200
14 semesters of Honors/AP classes
Major: Business Finance

Yep, waitlisted unfortunately, but luckily I already got accepted into CSUF and pending other decisions, so not so much stress. At the same time it would’ve been cool to go here.
Major: Aerospace Engineering
GPA: not completely sure (3.5-3.8?)
SAT: 1210
9 AP classes throughout high school

Yep waitlisted as well for transfer, it sucks. I applied to CSULB twice as it is my number CSU choice, got denied Spring 2020 but waitlisted for Fall 2020, however, I got into CSUF.
Major: Film/ Screenwriting
GPA: 3.34, 3.36 if I get an A and finish my screenwriting class for the spring semester 2020. (without +.1 AS-T bump)
AA-T/AS-T: No.
Golden 4 classes: A-, B+, A, C+.
Pre major classes: 3 outta 5 complete.
Local: No, (Skyline College), Northern California
Accepted: CSUF, SFSU, SJSU
Admission Waitlisted: CSULB (accepted waitlist)
Denied: SDSU.

Has anybody heard of any acceptances off the wait list for CSULB yet? Any idea when they start sending those? Some UCs are already accepting from the waitlists.

I just sent in another admission status update, and it still says I am waitlisted.

Hopefully the start of next week they will start opening up waitlist spots. Remember it is just by your major/index.

Has anyone gotten anything?

@okayokayokay nope still waiting you can submit admission status on CSULB and they will give you automatic update

Got off the waitlist today (5/13) at 1:15 pm. So excited!
gpa: 3.9
SAT: 1060
Pre speech pathology
Good luck to all!

@Heyyy779 Congrats! Were you sent an email?

Did you get an email or did you have to check the portal?

Yeah im still waitlisted with a 3.75 GPA majoring in Computer Science.


thank you! I received an email from them today, I didn’t have to do the self service admission status. Best of luck!

I guess they started rolling out admission emails, still waitlisted.

Hello guys, I am still waitlisted for Computer science at Csulb, and my stats are
3.8 gpa
1320 sat
What are the chances of me getting in

Hey guys, I’m still waitlisted as well. :confused: (transfer student)

Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.78 (with .1 ADT boost)
Golden Four: A, A, B, in progress
Accepted: CSUF, CSUN, CPP
Denied: SDSU
Waitlisted: CSULB (top choice)

@sourgummies I’m in the same situation as you, got denied from SDSU, accepted CSUF, waitlisted CSULB, but I already paid my deposit for CSUF last month just in case CSULB doesn’t take me off the waitlist.

I’m hoping I get in beacsue If I don’t I have to go all the way to UC santa Cruz and I probably won’t be able to see my parents that much