CSULB, CSUF or CPP for business administration

Hello Everyone,

I apply to cal state Fullerton, cal state long beach and cal poly Pomona for spring of 2019. I am a business administration major and so far i been accepted to Fullerton and long beach. I am still waiting for an answer for cal poly. I just want to hear peoples opinion on which school is better for business major. There was a discussion about this before but it was a long time ago and a lot of people suggested Fullerton but i want to know this is still true.

As far as I know Fullerton seems to be higher ranked in business than Long Beach. Although I’m not quite sure why, but it might be because the school is closer to a lot of big companies and they have very good networking at Fullerton.

@Albertv24 You know I have been admitted to both CSUF and CSULB, still waiting on SJSU and Chico…But most likely fullerton or long beach. ANYWAY my point is that I’m undecided on fullerton and long beach, what are some of your opinions/experiences with each campus, have you visited them?

@FinApplicant i havent been to any of their campus yet. I just basically trying to figure out which program is better for business between CSUF and CSULB. I have been to SJSU just to drop off my sister she got accepted there and it is a really nice campus. It is a really good school.

Hey, I too am waiting for a response from Cal Poly Pomona. I’m having a hard time deciding between CPP or CSULB. :confused:

they are all good. I’d spend some time on and around each campus, talk to some current students and faculty, maybe sit in on a class, then choose the one that suits you best.

congrats and good luck

I just got accepted to Fullerton, CPP, and CSULB for Business. Did anyone in this discussion chose any of these schools and why?
Why did you choose the one you did?

I chose CSULB because it has good reputation and the weather. I got accepted to CSUN, Fullerton, CPP. I researched online for many days and everything pointed out towards Long Beach, from academics, rankings and weather. Accounting is better ranked at Fullerton, but I’m majoring in Marketing. Weather, weather. I live in West LA, commuting also is very important. 30 min difference to Pomona or Fullerton compared to CSUN or CSULB. Also, CSUN is too hot and reputation is not even close to CSULB. but to be honest, I think reputation is because of location, CSULB is applied to way more because of the beach. If you want to be an engineer, CPP is the way to go. Accounting go to CSUF. For me is the weather.