<p>I currently live in Los Angeles and am attending community college in Santa Monica...(Ill be working on my 4th year at a CC...don’t laugh!)</p>

<p>I have been planning on transferring to Cal State Long Beach for marketing (its a great program) BUT my father and I just went to visit there and its monstrous! I feel like it would be a great school for what I want to do..but its a commuter school with a population of 30,000+ and I wasn’t too inspired.
Second choice is Cal Poly San Louis Obispo. Its campus is half the size and its gorgeous.</p>

<p>So here is the issue. I currently model in Los Angeles which means I rub elbows with alot of big marketing people in the fashion industry who I’ve become acquainted with. (Especially alot of the surf brands like Lucky, Billabong, etc.) So if I don’t get into Cal State Long Beach, there arn’t any other schools in the area that I would want to/be able to get into. So if I go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I want to make sure its a great business school, since ultimately Ill be giving up alot of my networks in LA. (I know I can come back to LA when I'm done, but it would be nice to assist/intern while im in school)</p>

<p>Ok, so thoughts on Cal Poly's business school?</p>

<p>My GPA for transfer will be 3.25.
Thanks! : )</p>

<p>..can I even get in!</p>

<p>And do CSU's look at volunteer work like UCs do?</p>