I am currently a csu long beach student and I am thinking of transferring to csu fullerton for spring 2021. This is due to personal family issues. I am applying as an Ethnic Studies (Option Chicano studies) major. I was a community college transfer (Irvine Valley college, local to Fullerton) prior to coming to csulb, so I have all my ge’s completed. At the end of this semester my gpa will probably be between a 3.1-3.5. How likely is it that I will be accepted?

Thank you!

maybe - but, you will face some limits on the # of units you can transfer. I’d make an appointment with a transfer advisor at Fullerton and see how your transcript will fit their expectations. It may be quicker to finish up at LB.

good luck

even if this is just my first semester? so i would only be completing two semesters this year and then transfer out in spring. max 12 units each.

I agree that you should make an appointment with a transfer advisor.

The Cal states cap the lower division units for transfer at 70 semester units and above that amount will get subject credit.

Any upper division units will then be added to that 70 unit limit and depending upon how many upper division units, some Cal states may restrict High Unit Junior level transfers.

Also each CSU has standard unit caps for undergraduate majors so depending upon how many units you transfer in with and how many units you need to complete your degree at CSUF, there could be some restrictions.

How many lower division units do you have now and how many upper division units will you have at time of transfer?

i just talked to a transfer adviser at fullerton, and they basically told me that they are only counting 70 transferable units, so even if i go over 70, they would still consider the application.

That is good to know.

my concern is that you probably entered LB with about 65 - to which you will add 24 at LB this year, which will bring you to something like 87 of the 120 you need to graduate.

It sounds like Fullerton is going to toss 17 in taking you back to 70, so you will have around 50 to go. At 12 unit a semester, that’s 2 years post transfer (3 from now). If you stay put and maybe take a summer class, you can probably earn your degree a full year earlier.


there’s no harm in applying - but understand how big of a set-back it is going to be before heading too far down the path.
Good luck