CSULB transfer appeal- fall 2021

hey guys! i got denied on feb 12.

major- psychology
gpa- 3.73 (3.83 w/ADT)
golden four- A A C B
applied- csulb (rejected), csula (accepted), csudh (accepted), csuf (pending)
non- local

im going to send my appeal next week! what are you guys planning to say on the appeal and what documents will you include?

goodluck to everyone!

Hey psychiskool, I got denied Feb 11th. My major was psychology too. I’m sending my appeal next week like you. I’ll explain in the Fall 2021 Transfer appeal thread what documents I’m including and what I’m going to say on the appeal. Sincerely, psychgirl3!

Hey psychiskool, I got denied Feb 11th. My major was psychology too. I’m sending my appeal next week like you. I was denied because my GPA was not high enough to meet the competitive cut off. So my stats were not nearly as high as yours (3.73/3.83).
gpa-3.15, I’m graduating in the Spring of 2021 with an Associate’s Degree in Psychology from a non-California community college so I’m not sure about the ADT bump to a 3.25.
Golden Four- Written Communication (IB Exam), Critical Thinking (In progress), Quantitative Reasoning (B), Oral Communication (A).
Applied- CSULB (rejected), CPP (pending), CSUCI (Accepted), CSUSM (won’t go because they didn’t like the Golden 4 I had), SDSU (pending), CSUSB (accepted).

I am sending in my appeal explaining my personal illness that resulted in my low GPA. For some background information, I used to attend Pitzer College in the fall of 2017. It was there that I had personal illness resulting in me not doing academically well. After 3 semesters I made the mature and healthy decision to leave Pitzer and attend a different community college (CWC) online while living in California. I am asking that they consider my current community college GPA and not the combined GPA of Pitzer and CWC. My Pitzer GPA brought down my cumulative college GPA significantly. Without my combined GPA at Pitzer, my GPA at the community college I am attending is a 3.77, and if there is in fact a GPA boost if I get an Associate’s Degree, a 3.87. I am asking that they consider that GPA, not my combined 3.15 cumulative GPA. It was at this college (CWC) that I was able to recover from my personal illness and flourish. My grit, resilience, and motivation to do better academically is demonstrated in my documentation and hopefully CSULB will see this.

1-2 Doctor’s letters
Medical Bills/documentation of hospitalization
Extended personal Statement
Unofficial Transcript from CWC (3.77 GPA).

My basis for my appeal is different than yours, so I am not sure how that will play out.

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hi! im sorry to hear that but i hope your doing well right now. im going to wait what the counselor says because my appeal will only be about how my gpa is quite high to not be accepted. if csulb says the gpa cutoff and im above it, that will be my reason for appeal. ill let you know in this discussion what happens. i also check csulb website and the gpa transfer descriptive stats is that in fall 2020, the average gpa admitted was a 3.53 and enrolled is a 3.34. so ill ask my counselor if i can use that chart to prove that my gpa is above average, worst case.


Im so sad to head this :frowning: did you get an associate’s degree to transfer or just an associate’s degree? This may be hindering your application. Also are you taking max load in the spring semester? How many classes are you taking right now? I’m so sad to hear that you were ill :frowning: that ruined some of ur college chances.

Hey psych im rooting for u and psychgirl! I want you both to get in! That way we can all go to csulb together! And also because I don’t want to see u go to lesser schools than your potential. Out of all the schools you applied to csulb and csuf are the only ones worth going to!! Plz do this for your sake!!! Get in!!! Goat!!

I am not exactly sure, what is the difference between the two? Could you explain? I will be getting an Associate’s Degree in psychology in the spring of 2021 and then I will be working on a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology. I am taking 4 classes this semester to fulfill the transfer Golden 4. I’m taking an Intro to Philosophy class, Writing Composition 2, American and Wyoming Government, and Social Psychology. The government class is required so I can get my associate’s degree. Last semester I took 5 classes. Yeah, being ill was awful. I’m glad I’m doing much better. I hope the CSULB admissions team sees this too. It did ruin my chances to go to a lot of schools unfortunately based on my GPA alone.

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Well psych an Associates alone is awesome if you want to work right away. AA-T/AS-T is for guaranteed admission to a lot of UC and CSU. It means that your transfer credits will all transfer if they are csu or uc transferable (so upper division). 300+ Which is what you have to do anyway for admission to csu and uc. Some of the top colleges for transfers. You can just get your AS-T associates of science im guessin is what psychology is. Your admission rates went down because your units are not all guaranteed to transfer over because u have only an Associates of Science and not an Associates of Science to transfer. So the transfer degree means you will likely continue right after the following semester and will have a flawless transition to your BA.

I’m not sure what the difference is between an Associates and Associates to transfer as far as classes. You may already qualify for ur ast but you have to change that you want to obtain that and have the record stating that is ur ed plan for community college on ur community college eservices account. (Where u look up ur student center financial aid all that). But dont worry about that for now u already applied and should just wait for appeal.

I think I’m just getting an Associate’s Degree. I don’t plan on working in the field right away though. I don’t have guaranteed admission to a lot of UC and CSU schools because my community college isn’t based in California even though I take it in California since it’s online. Yeah, not all my units are guaranteed to transfer over, unfortunately. I still hope my transition will be okay in the end regardless of where I go. And I will await the appeal before I am able to do any of that.

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No, for sure most of your upper division transfers over because they probably said csu when u took them. College application process is sofunny lot of loophole. But i’m just saying ur percentage for acceptance went down for the top impacted csus. Ur appeal for csulb should go through! Have faith; with a 3,15 gpa it’s very possible. And you are dedicated and studious.

My classes don’t say CSU because it’s an out-of-state community college so not all courses are destined to transfer over. Yeah, it makes it more difficult to get into those impacted CSUs. I hope that the appeal goes through. I’m trying, but it’s been hard trying to gather all of the documentation. I have been very dedicated and studious and I hope they see my progress.

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hey so i got news from my counselor. he said csulb responded to his email and the fall 2021 cutoff for psych is a 3.9. he said him and the staff members were in shock that it’s so high for a CSU.

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Yikes. That is high. Not sure my appeal will still go through, but maybe they will see my perseverance through my illness and take that into account. I did see that someone got conditionally accepted into CSULB with around a 3.32 in psychology so I’m not sure how that happened when their GPA was below the 3.9 cutoff.

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3,9 for transfers? Sheesh. I think it’s because psychs an impacted major. And because it is very popular

That’s very true. I still feel like numbers shouldn’t be the only reason a person gets in. I think there is a lot more to a person and a student than how high their GPA is. By only have 3.9-4.0 students, it creates a pretty homogenous student body that lacks diversity in numbers and experiences. It becomes elitist which isn’t always a good thing.

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i wish us the best luck! it really shouldn’t be that high considering it to be a CSU. i understand it’s such a popular school but man, all we can do it hope for the best. i tried calling Csulb admission to ask them myself but they closed at 5pm.

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Will you still be submitting your appeal despite learning this information (if it is in fact true)?

yes ofc. theres a 1% chance. im going to submit it nxt Monday. i just need my counselor to send me my ADT again as a source of documentation and also submit my unofficial transcript. im also gonna say how it’s my dream school and not safely school and how it would be beneficial to attend considering i live closer compared to csuf.

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Good ■■■■ psych hope to u see u there! As long as I don’t get into sdsu or cal poly. Will be a tough choice either way!

Lookin to dorm at csulb maybe. Cuz don’t got anywhere to stay. Need roommates for apartment. What yall gonna do if get into csulb? Yall think about that yet?