CSULB vs CPP vs CSUF Business Admin - Supply Chain Management

I am currently in a dilemma. I have been accepted to all three schools as a transfer student majoring in Business Administration emphasis in Supply Chain Management. In my opinion, there are pros and cons to all three schools. First, CSULB seems to be the most social and most popular overall of the three. Also, it seems to be the hardest to get into because it has the lowest acceptance rate out of the three schools. In addition, I have a few friends there and was thinking about getting an apartment with them. Second, CSUF seems to be the most reputable out of all three for business (not too sure about supply chain management though?). I have heard good things about the connections CSUF has with the OC area. Lastly, CPP seems to be the least reputable of the three but I have researched their program (Technology and Operations Management) and on their website they seem to offer many resources, such as clubs and labs. HELP!! I need to commit soon. Any feedback would be great. Thanks in advance!


It really does not matter which school you choose. All three offer excellent business programs. Stop being so concerned with how “reputable” a school is. Employers don’t really care about that at all when they’re hiring you but are looking for a combo of education and experience. (unless you went to an Ivy League school.)

Rather you should focus on the cost first and how you’re going to fund your undergrad and whether or not you have to take out loans or will be awarded grants. Second determine if you want the full college experience. Meaning do you want a campus with a lively environment or do you want something that is a bit more peaceful?

I think cost and whether or not you want a livelier campus should be your main focus points.

@IsntThatSpatial Thanks for replying to this thread as well! To sum it up for others, my financial aid package consists of all loans and no grants, whatsoever. Basically, I will probably be paying out of pocket for all three. All three schools are about 30-40 minutes away from me.

CPP, just because they take a more hands-on approach.