CSUMB vs Chico State

HS Senior here, im stuck between Monterey Bay and Chico, any advice/pros and cons? I live in the South Bay btw. Ty!

Either will give you a solid education. Best for you really depends what you are looking for in your college experience.

Chico is in an isolated college town and has a larger student body than MB. It has a classic brick and oak campus along a winding creek, a much longer tradition and much denser student population surrounding campus but, is undeniably a LONG way from the beach and a hefty drive from the South Bay.

MB has come a long way and is on par academically but, if you are looking for a ‘traditional college’ experience I think its Chico hands down. It has been a little over a year since I was in the MB area but, then anyway, the campus was surrounded by a bunch of dilapidated building from the old base - my kids said it felt like an abandoned zombie apocalypse movie set.