CSUN 2019 fall admission

I applied for transfer to csun last month in early November (I’m local). Has anyone gotten an acceptance letter/email yet? I have no idea how long it’s supposed to take and I know the deadline was extended due to the fires in California. Also my major is Communication Disorders and Sciences if that makes any difference.

No acceptance letter or e-mail. Did you get the e-mails to register your account on their online portal though? That’s about as much as I’ve gotten but I don’t know how likely I am to get in as I am just outside the local area and have a 3.63 gpa.

Check the portal today. 818 family and the kids got wind it was there this morning and started checking.

Good luck.

I can’t even @ CLU Mom but I wonder what she means. Have they started accepting people? Just locals or what?

818 is the local area code (also known as San Fernando Valley). Acceptance appeared Monday in the portal but it was dated 1/24. Students who were checking found it. Unlike some other schools; there was no email to tell students to check the portal.

Not affiliated with the school so no way to know if it’s all kids, local students, or just a few.

I found out through the portal as well, the email though goes to your csun email and not your regular one!

I’m still waiting for acceptance and I’m local, maybe cause I’m a transfer student

@purplebelt Transfer students will hear back after the freshmen. :slight_smile:

@Caicai01 , your so right! They don’t send it your normal one, so I went to my CSUN email and just found out I was accepted for Fall 2019!

Good luck to the rest of y’all!

D admitted to Northridge this morning. GPA 3.35, SAT 1370, Psychology. In state, out of area. We barely noticed the admit - no CSUN email, no personal email and no change in Solar Student Center. In Portal, under Status Applicant, the red font Due 5/1/19 is what caught my eye. There are other verbiage changes in there, but at first glance, it looked the same as it always has.

I found out today that I was admitted as a Public Health major.

Seeing so many acceptances, I’m really hoping mines will come soon as well! I already received acceptance from CSULA and CSULB (my first choice), so I’m not too interested, but I would really like to know!

This thread is really slow compared to the other CSU’s, but has anyone who didn’t get acceptance two weeks ago receive anything? I’ve been checking like a madman and I’m getting nothing.

@muzzles yes, was accepted in the last week. Did you check your student email already?

@mchoneybone Yeah, I check the portal and CSUN email everyday. I’m really curious!

@muzzles I haven’t gotten anything either yet, still checking everyday and hoping for the best

Got accepted throughout the weekend I was checking but I never scrolled down to the applicant section. Asking me to send transcripts. Bio major local transfer

Sorry not asking for transcripts.
Does anyone know when they start requesting transcripts for spring semester?

I haven’t heard anything yet. Im so nervous.

Just got my email! Accepted!