CSUN 2019 Transfer

I am a local area transfer with 3 A’s and 1 B in the golden 4, and a 3.84 GPA
I applied as a public health major, but recently came to the decision I want to be a genetic counselor so I want to pursue a biochem degree. I do not have a good amount of the classes they require of transfers, but if I am admitted as public health could I change my major to biochem despite missing some prereqs?

I would try to contact the school and ask if you’re able to change majors after you transfer, I think it depends on your major and the school policies

Once you are admitted to the school, you can make an attempt to petition to change majors. Once your application has been submitted on CSU Apply, I believe you cannot change it but there is no harm in calling admissions directly and asking!

accepted to film school as a sophomore but I am currently a sophomore… do you think if I send in my transcript again with updated credits it’ll change to junior year?

@jakecap1123 once your final transcripts are in to reflect 60+ credits it will change ?