CSUN Acceptance letter 2020

Hi all!
I am just trying to open up a convo about when people are getting their acceptance letters because…i’m impatient lol.
I applied as a media management major via film production. I should also note I am a transfer from in-state, out of area (OC local woop woop!)

Anyone have a solid idea of when they usually send out letters? (ie late march? early april?) specifically for someone that lives in California…?

As someone from OC who applied as film and media production I got my acceptance on March 2nd via email.

Hi Im also a non local transfer student majoring under communications and I have yet to hear from csun. I’m getting kind of worried and impatient have you gotten accepted yet?

Literally got denied 10min ago & I live in CA outside the “local” region

It’s fine, I got SDSU & CSULB which I probably would’ve chosen anyways