Hi Everyone!

I am looking to transfer from Cal State Northridge to San Diego State Univeristy! I am a Computer Science major. I already have more than 60 credits as a sophomore and upon transfer I will have close to 80. I am taking classes in math and computer science that are way past the requirements needed to transfer! I will have a 3.8 GPA upon transfer and applying. It is my second year at Cal State Northridge currently. In terms of Extra Curriculars, I have my own company and I am the C.T.O. I am using my computer science background and incorporating that into my business.

I would love to get everyone’s opinions on how I look based off of this information alone. Also, I would love all the tips I can get to enhance my application to further increase my chances of getting in! I would also especially like tips on how to approach the Essays and personal insight questions.

Thank you and feel free to ask questions I am an open book!

I do not have any 2020 data for Transfer applicants but for 2019, SDSU received 993 Transfer applicants for CS and admitted 98. SDSU also has a heavy preference for local CC transfers.

You have a competitive GPA which should help your chances. Best of luck.


Thank you for your reply. Is there anything else I could do to increase my chances?

Since SDSU only considers your CSU transferable GPA and completion of the transfer course requirements, there is really nothing you can do to make yourself more competitive at this point.