CSUSM Nursing Class of 2025

Starting this thread if anyone else on here was admitted to CSUSM General BSN program (freshman admit).

Is the CSUSM BSN program direct admit or a pre-nursing thing?

For Freshman, it is a direct admit program but local applicants are given priority.

Also, if not admitted into the program as a Freshman, the student cannot change majors or apply to the program later as a CSUSM matriculated student.

There is always the transfer option, where the student can take pre-req courses at another university or CC and then transfer into the program.

Thank you for the prompt response Gumbymom! I just wish the CSUSM website had more clarity in this regard.

I agree the CSUSM website could be more clear in regards to stating it is a Direct Admit program for Freshman but it is an improvement over previous years where it was even more confusing.