Hello guys,

I come in here to ask some advices. I am a transfer students to fall 2021 from community college.
My major: Business Administration
GPA: 3.90
I have completed most of my education plan. I also tag with UCR. However, I get rejected from UCI last week. I have an acceptance letter from CSU.
Pending: UCR, UCLA, and UCSB.
I spoke to the admission team from UCR early and they say the admission still rolling out until mid-may (which is passed the deadline to submit SIR from CSU).
My question is: should I accept the CSU, instead of waiting for other UCs?

If you have not heard by April 30, I would definitely SIR to CSUSM.

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Thank you so much for your advice, I would definitely do that. It’s just the waiting from UC frustrating. I only want to continue my education path and earn the Bachelor’s Degrees.

If you got accepted to a UC after you SIR to CSU you can still cancel it and go with a UC. You don’t get your registration fee refunded but at least you know you have options.

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OMG, thank you for the info. Now I have a clear plan for my options.

May I ask why you only applied to those schools with your GPA? It’s really high, you have a lot of options. If you got rejected from UCI with that, your mistakes were in your essays because I got waitlisted with a 3.6 and killer essays.