CTOPS registration question?

<p>I understand that they reserve a certain amount of spots for each CTOPS orientation, but do they do that for all individual classes? In connect carolina, I only saw certain classes that have a CTOPS flag. Are those the only classes that will have a certain amount of spots reserved? There are some courses, like MATH 233, that have no CTOPS flag at all. Does that mean, if they all end up getting filled by upperclassmen, that I shouldn't even bother signing up for it during CTOPS? Is it safe to assume that all classes, even if it doesn't indicate a CTOPS flag, will have a certain amount of spots reserved?</p>


<p>They reserve slots in the most common first year courses. Not all courses. I also wanted/needed some 200 & 300 level courses because of AP placement as an in-coming first year and ultimately got what I wanted. At CTOPs sign up for what you want. Have a few backup classes in mind, just in case. You may not immediately get all that you want out of the gate. You may end up on a waitlist. Be patient and don’t freak … once CTOPS is over there is a LOT of adding and dropping of classes by everyone as CTOPS finally releases slots and the waitlists clear.</p>

<p>Thanks! I guess I’ll just be looking up the ones with the CTOPS flag.</p>

<p>Just to be clear. You are not limited to the CTOPs flagged classes. You can enroll in any class that is open and that you have the prerequisites for (with or without a CTOPs flag). The flag only means some number of seats have been held in reserve for CTOPs attendees.</p>

<p>Should we Write out a list of classes we want before CTOPS? If so, how do we find the classes we have to choose from?</p>

<p>wilmywood - explore the advising web site [Academic</a> Advising ? Advising](<a href=“http://advising.unc.edu/]Academic”>http://advising.unc.edu/) to understand the class requirements. Review worksheets associated with major and minor and make decisions on any credits you want to use.</p>

<p>Just b/c there isn’t a flag doesn’t mean that they aren’t planning on opening up seats. When I was at CTOPS, none of the Math 233’s had a flag, but some spots opened up “magically” at my registration time.</p>

<p>You can go on ConnectCarolina and actually put your class selections into your shopping cart in preparation for attending the enrollment session at CTOPS. Have a couple of back-up classes in there also. They can be dropped later if necessary.</p>