<p>I heard CCer use CTOPS. What exactly is it?</p>

<p>orientation, registration, laptop distribution, fun, introduction to dining at UNC, entertaining lectures and speaker, skits and intro to staying in the dorm for a couple nights.</p>

<p>Carolina Testing & Orientation Program Sessions (CTOPS) Placement testing is administered for foreign languages I believe....during this time.</p>

<p>is this an invited event??</p>

<p>You sign up for it once you're admitted. It's during the summer.</p>

<p>Every single Carolina freshman goes. You'll find out more about it later, don't worry!</p>

<p>so if i am oos...i don't qualify?</p>

<p>Where are you getting that idea? I said every single Carolina freshman goes. That means every person that enrolls at Carolina must attend.</p>

<p>ohhh..haha...just kidding..</p>

<p>yeah its summer orientation. everyone has to go. if your out of state or live far from UNC, i suggest going to the last CTOPS session so you can move in during CTOPS instead of having to make two trips.</p>

<p>never underestimate the opportunities CTOPS offers!!! go into it with the best attitude possible, be nice to everyone, don't be afraid. i met my best friend at CTOPS we are still best friens, 3 years later.</p>

<p>Can my son register for CTOPS before he officially accepts the admission offer?</p>

<p>NewJerseyMom, I don't think that he can. I think your enrollment fee has to be received and processed before you can sign up for CTOPS. In the March Carolina updates email I recently received it says, "Once your enrollment deposit has been received and processed, you will be eligible to register for one of our 14 CTOPS sessions."</p>

<p>I asked admissions and they said no. You have to make your enrollment deposit first.</p>

<p>like goheels3, my son also met his best friend at CTOPs four years ago and have been house mates the last two years.</p>