CU Boulder Engineering laptops

I’ve been told an iPad is good for taking notes, but I also got told a MacBook is too.
Does anyone have a recommendation on a tablet or laptop? Which one is better to take notes on? Do you need certain apps for engineering?

you will need a full OS if wanting to run Engineering apps like Cad. look into laptops that are 2-1; they allow notes to be taken like an ipad. I wont give any recommendations for personal reasons, but go with a Windows or Mac; almost all engineering software is based off of Windows.

If looking to get a laptop to last for all of college, I would recommend nothing below intel i7(look for an H or G in model number, its better for engineering apps)
16GB of RAM but 32GB would be a better if it meets your price point.
512GB Solid State Hard Drive or dual drives with Intel Optane.
Most importantly a dedicated graphics card(GPU) these help with software that does rendering work. NVIDIA 2060 rtx or higher for best performance.