CU Boulder Engineering Program Admission Chances?

I’m trying to figure out how hard it is to get into CU Boulder’s engineering program. I can’t seem to find that specific admission rate anywhere online, but I have come across some people with pretty impressive stats that weren’t even accepted into pre-engineering. I am yet to read about anyone online that got into the engineering program for freshman year. I was also wondering how the transfer into engineering works? Can the students that transfer to engineering sophomore year still graduate in 4 years?

College of Engineering & Applied Science middle 50%:
High School GPA:
3.89 - 4.0
Percentile Rank:
85 - 98%
SAT Total:
1310 - 1480
ACT Composite:
29 - 34

I applied for class of 24. I had a 3.7 uw gpa, 1360 sat. I was denied for the college and pre engineering however, they just emailed me and gave me a spot in the college of engineering now that some time has gone by

My daughter got into Aerospace Engineering. SAT 1460, GPA 4.13 or so. School doesn’t rank. Very impressive extra curricular.

Aerospace is the best program at Boulder. My daughter is gong to decline UC Berkeley, where she got into a different major, and they gave her scholarship too, despite being OOS. She will decline that - to go to Boulder Aerospace.

My son got into Aerospace Engineering honors program and was awarded 2 scholarships. He is OOS. ACT 35 GPA 4.0 unweighted , 5.6 weighted. Several hard science and math AP’s with scores of 5. Aerospace program is ranked in top 10 in the country.

The engineering school is extremely difficult to get into directly. The average admitted GPA is around a 4.0, and SAT/ACT around the 95th percentile and above. If you do have stats similar to this, I would say you have a fair shot. If you don’t get directly into engineering you will be admitted into either pre-engineering or exploratory studies in arts and sciences (or rejected/waitlisted, but I highly doubt that if you have decent stats) I would say go for it. There’s not much you can lose as you’ll almost certainly be admitted into the university itself.

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so you still got in right? btw is bs in computer science still considered a part of the engineering program?

I was offered admissions at the College of engineering and applied science for fall of 2021. I did well in high school. I got good SAT & ACT scores, and wrote a seemingly well essay. I am glad I was offered admissions and earlier in may I committed.
These are statistics provided by Graduatehotline:
" 8542 (Applications), 3485 (Offered admissions ), 850 (Accepted )"
That is about a 40% acceptance rate so slightly competitive.
Although only about 10% of the applicants confirmed their intent to enroll.

In conclusion, the school is competitive but with good enough grades and SAT/ACT scores you should get in.

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well.

As a rising senior I have some questions, CU Boulder and it’s engineering program is one of my top choices when I apply there for the fall. A lot of my high school friends go there and it would be a great fit for me. I’m majoring in CS and set on it as it’s what I want to do and I have the grades for it.

What are my chances for this school?, but first a bit about me.

I have a 3.421 unweighted and 4.125 weighted GPA. It toke a hit sophomore year cuz I didn’t balance my time correctly but fixed that junior year.
I have taken APCSP - 4, APCSA - 3, AP World History - 5, AP US History, AP Physics 1 and AP Calculus AB & BC(I don’t know the scores yet for the last three). I plan to take 4 AP’s senior year to better prep me for college.
For Calculus, I did really well and gotten A’s both semesters (idk if it counts for anything but that is what I am most proud of)
I am planning on using the ACT to apply and got a 27, I am working on improving it over the summer with reading and math
I have a lot of CS extra-curricular such as CyberPatriots, going to nationals in FBLA for network design, and my favorite one, teaching an Intro to Java class at a local summer camp. I also did National Honors Society and volunteered at the Smoky Hill Food Bank

Also, I heard of the pre-engineering program and very confused by it, my best friend got into it but he couldn’t really explain it well enough. Can someone here can? What are my chances for it? Also I heard it’s based on your college GPA and it’s just requirements, not an application.

Thanks for taking time to look at my post, I don’t like to brag or talk excessively about my accomplishments but CU Boulder sounds like a really great school and would love to get into its CS program!

Apply as early as possible. If you are instate there should be a free application day in October.

Study hard this summer for the ACT or SAT and try to get that score up. You don’t have to submit scores, but your GPA is a little low so a solid test score will help.

Pre engineering is a pathway into the engineering school. I believe you have to have a 2.75 while taking the usual engineering course load freshman year. Definitely doable if you study instead of partying.

Thx for the input

In terms ofy ACT score I am working on improving it to a 30 or 31 using super scoring. Will that be enough??

Colorado college are no longer required to consider test scores and most have indicated (through supporting the bill while it was in the legislature) that they don’t want to. Unlike California, the schools are not prohibited from considering them, but I think it is likely most will not or at least become test optional.

I know my nephew’s ACT was only about 26 and he was directly admitted to engineering. His grades were not perfect, but he did attend a very competitive hs well known to CU. It’s a holistic admission.