CU Dorm

<p>Is there any Cooper Union student or alumni or anyone who knows how the dorms are like in Cooper Union? (current price, full kitchen, bed, room, space, desk..etc)</p>

<p>I just want information THANK YOU</p>

<p>I saw the dorms on a recent tour. They only house freshman. I don't remember the cost.</p>

<p>They are in a well-kept high rise (elevator) building a short walk from the academic building. The dorm room I was in had 2 bedrooms with 3 students (the single bedroom was for a resident advisor). But I think they can very with 2 + 2 and 2+ 3. </p>

<p>from wiki: "In September 1992, Cooper Union opened its Student Residence Hall, located across 3rd Avenue from the Foundation Building, as the school's first-ever on-campus housing resource. This apartment-style dormitory provides living space for 178 students, or approximately one-fifth of the school's student population. In addition to resident assistants, the Residence Hall provides living spaces for incoming freshman students of all three schools. New first-year students are not required to live in the dormitory building, unlike housing policies of many other universities. Remaining space in the building, when available, is allocated to upper-class students based on individual housing needs."</p>

<p>The kitchen is very, very small, more like a kitchenette. Little counter space and the ovens are non-operational (after some 'incidents', we heard). There is a sink, a cooktop and a microwave and a medium size fridge. In this kitchenette area there is also a small table and chairs setup for eating, but the whole area is smallish. Think: NY apartment.</p>

<p>The bedrooms are smallish with twin beds and a desk for each person. Nice view though!</p>

<p>There are communal areas in the building for laundry, hanging out and studying. They looked nice and spacious and the students seemed to like the setup. I don't remember where the bathrooms were.</p>

<p>From the CU website: "Cooper Union students are responsible for living and miscellaneous expenses. These include mandatory student fees (totaling $1,650 per year), room and board (about $14,000 per year), books and supplies (about $1,000-1,800 per year), and general living expenses (about $2,000-3,000 per year), totaling approximately $20,000 per year."</p>