CU honors program

<p>Anyone involved in the honors program? What do you think of it? Pros/cons?</p>

<p>I am in the honors program at Creighton and I would definitely recommend it!</p>

-Live on 9th floor of Swanson Hall which is suite style (aka private bathrooms) and very nice compared to the other freshman dorms on campus.<br>
-Easy to find friends freshman year because of the tight-nit community
-Register one day before everyone else in your year (this has turned out to be a huge benefit)
-Honors curriculum is essentially a reduced core with more challenging classes. This provides flexibility for double majors, minors, etc. And if you get into the honors program the courses should be challenging but very doable.
-Eligibility for more research scholarships and study abroad opportunities.</p>

-Program requires you to do a research project before you graduate which might be annoying if you don’t want to participate in research, but honestly, I don’t know why you would not especially if you are considering grad school.</p>

<p>What is your major pccool52? Have you found the honors classes challenging enough? Where else did you apply when looking at CU?</p>

<p>I am a biology major with premed track. The honors classes have definitely offered me a challenge especially considering most of them are in the humanities which is not my strength. Besides Creighton, I applied to Minnesota, Wisconsin-Madison, Northwestern, Dartmouth, and Notre Dame.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for sharing!!! D2 is busy filling out apps and shared this info with her!! Have a great end of the semester!!!</p>

<p>I am currently a senior and i am pretty sure i will be going to Creighton next year. Could anyone tell me the difference in being in the honors program at Creighton versus just being a regular student? Some of my friends who attend Creighton have said that if you’re in the honors program you are limited to only a couple professors whereas if you’re a regular student you have the option of many other professors.</p>

Your friend is not entirely correct. Honors students are able to take any professor they want for whatever class they want just like other students. The difference is that honors students take a modified curriculum. Thus for the first three semesters all honors students must take the same “foundational sequence” courses. Because there are so few honors students, there are only two classes offered for each of these “foundational sequence” classes each semester. Thus, you are only able to choose between one of two professors for those classes. But its really not a big deal and something you shouldn’t worry about as there are many instances where even non honors students must choose from only a few teachers for a given course in the core curriculum. Check out the creighton honors program website for a general overview of the differences between being an honors student and a regular student. The positives outweigh any negatives IMO.</p>

Good info, thanks for posting. Being on the pre-med track, does taking classes in the honors program work against you in terms of gpa? – i.e., competing with a small number of high-achieving students in all the same classes? Tough curve there, I would think. Also, how do the “foundational sequence” class mandates square with getting all the requisite science classes in for med school apps?</p>

<p>Most of the honors classes are definitely harder than their standard core equivalents. A few are notoriously easier however. Not surprisingly, these courses are quite popular. There is no “curve” in the honors classes, so there is no sense of competitiveness amongst the students in these classes. Usually, it is easy to get a B but difficult to get an A. I will admit that some of my lowest grades in college came from these honors classes (a few B’s) but they have not hindered my GPA significantly. If you get into the honors program, you should be able to handle the curriculum just fine. </p>

<p>In the honors curriculum, there are fewer number of required credits to graduate compared to the standard core. This is great because it actually allows more freedom to complete more classes that you are interested in. For example, I am a bio major and have been easily able to complete the required premed courses while even taking a few electives. I could have minored in something else if I had wanted to. Overall, the honors program challenges its students more in a fewer number of required courses.</p>

Does anyone know when CU will post who has gotten into the honors program? Also, if people not admitted will be informed?