<p>Is it just me, or does anyone else feel cubmail is painfully slow loading inbox?</p>

<p>Do this: HackCU</a> How to ditch Cubmail with email forwarding</p>

<p>It makes life 30000x easier.</p>

<p>I agree 100% with maneoc. Just forward it to Gmail. If you're worried you'll get special Columbia emails confused with your regular emails, then do what I did and set a Gmail filter to tag all emails that come from your Columbia address as "Columbia." Then you can quickly see which emails were sent to your Columbia account.</p>

<p>I am in awe,... how can a world-renown university like Columbia have such awful technology and infrastructure? </p>

<p>Shouldn't they spend some money upgrading their servers?</p>

<p>Well Binghamton started using Gmail for their email server. I think Columbia should do the same. </p>

<p>In fact, I'm pretty sure they can do that for free, so they wouldn't even have to spend money.</p>

<p>The only disadvantage would be that it would be complicated to transfer peoples' existing inbox's, so many important emails, which have not been properly archived, could be lost. That happened to my sister with her Binghamton email...</p>

<p>They should switch to Gmail.
Northwestern had it and it made life so much easier.</p>

<p>I guess Google in general makes life easier....</p>

<p>All CU would have to do is take 10 grand and walk over to the computing commons. Put it in a box with a sign above it saying that the person who does the best rennovation of cubmail wins it. It'd be done in like half a day.</p>

<p>meanoc, that link must have been before they updated cubmail, because that interface is not what i have when i log into cubmail...</p>

<p>On the off chance that someone reading this has an iPhone:</p>

<p>I can't get it to send mail through when I use the iPhone mail app. I've set up my Gmail so it sends properly through a computer, but there isn't that option when using it through the iPhone. Anyone know what to do? </p>


<p>There are 2 ways to forward your mail to Gmail. The way listed in the second post and by doing it thru gmail's Settings -> Accounts and Import.</p>

<p>The listed way makes it so the mail has to redirect through Columbia's servers and results in a delay. Can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 hours depending on the server traffic. Doing it through gmail often makes the gmail account get the mail BEFORE the cubmail account....</p>

<p>1) Cubmail is a painfully bad email interface. Keep in mind though that cubmail was "upgraded" and "modernized" as recently as spring 2006. They have little incentive to actually make it any better though because everyone's switched to GMail.</p>

<p>2) Columbia is renowned and prestigious as an academic institution. It's not winning any awards any time soon for how it's run though. I have little to no love for CUIT.</p>

<p>3) You can figure forwarding on the Columbia side from here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>4) If you set up importation from within gmail, make sure it deletes the copy on the cubmail server, otherwise it'll hit capacity and emails sent to that address will get bounced without you realizing it.</p>

<p>LOL. They called that crap as "upgrade" or "modernization"? I guess before the "upgrade", it probably took more than 3 minutes to load the inbox, right? </p>

<p>The email server from my undergraduate school back in 2000-2004 ran much bettr than what CUIT is offering right now. And my undergraduate's IT interface is much improved now from 2000.</p>

<p>the good news is that Columbia is upgrading to gmail soon. By the end of 2012, all ugrad in CC/GS/SEAS will have gmail as their official Columbia email.</p>