Cuddly cub bites WUSTL students in failed stress-reduction effort

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<p>I don't know what to hope for. If the bear had rabies, the euthanization is not wasted but students will have to get vaccinated. If it didn't, it's a good news for the students but the bear's death was for nothing.</p>

<p>I am also struck by the length the Univ went to reduce students stress. Isn't it about time for students to learn to cope with their stress?</p>

<p>@igloo‌ No, college is supposed to be challenging, yet as stress free, fun, and fulfilling as possible lol. I thought we all knew this. The school should go out of its way to make us all psychologically stable while under pressure, because we can’t on our own (institutions must maintain the highest quality of life for us, which means happiness/contentedness 100% of the time is the ultimate goal that will never be achieved). What you think all the grade inflation is for? And by inflation, I mean higher grades because we are way smarter than our predecessors who attended schools like Harvard, WashU, and other privates. There is also a reason for the amenities/recreation facility wars you now see at many schools (even or in fact, especially selective ones). </p>

<p>However, with all of this sarcasm. I say petting zoos can be fun or entertaining even without the intention to distress students (they could just raise awareness or something and yet turn out fun). Also, nothing particularly wrong with hosting/facilitating some relaxation activities during finals.</p>

<p>UCSB’s ASU brings in puppies…</p>

<p>There is so much questionable about this. What the heck is a bear cub doing in a petting zoo?</p>

<p>And yes, the whole petting zoo to destress students is a bit bizarre. </p>

<p>Pretty likely the poor cub didn’t have rabies but was just frightened.</p>

<p>Horrible judgment on all counts–whether or not they knew it was going to be included, someone should have had the brains to step up and say, uh uh–dumb idea.</p>

<p>Poor baby bear!</p>

<p>I read this morning that the cub will not be euthanized.</p>

<p>Whomever thought this was a good idea has no common sense. Good grief. </p>

<p>My kid’s school has a slope day with great band, food, alcohol. Seem to work for them. </p>

<p>Good to hear that, Alwaysamom!</p>

<p>I think bringing therapy dogs, or puppies, or cats from the local shelter, is a greet idea for stress relief. Many college kids have pets back home they miss, and playing with animals has been shown to relieve stress. But animals should only be on campus if they are healthy and fully vaccinated and temperament tested. The poor bear cub should never have been subjected to something like this.</p>

<p>I think they’ve done this at my alma mater before with puppies. A baby bear just seems insane on several levels.</p>

<p>I think the bear is their mascot but just put someone in a bear suit instead! A bear should not be in a petting zoo.</p>

<p>Sounds pretty wild.
Both my kids schools bring dogs on campus, & I know youngest has really appreciated living off campus with a roommate that has a cat.
Glad to hear the bear wont be killed.</p>

<p>Lake Jr.'s college has a midnight full-course breakfast (to alleviate the “all nighters” and cramming) the Sunday morning prior to the start of final exams. Makes me want to enroll.</p>

<p>I think my older daughters school sprays everyone down with Febreeze so they dont even need to go back to their rooms to shower after sleeping in the library.</p>

<p>Barnard has a midnight breakfast and Columbia brings in puppies. A bear cub? That’s asking for trouble!</p>

<p>Sigh. I my day it was a round of pinball and a Milky Way we paid for ourselves. We were fine.</p>

<p>Columbia brings in puppies? I will have to ask S about this–but he’s an “adult” student, commuting from NJ, so he might just have to de-stress himself.</p>

<p>I think this level of care-y-ness is sort of ridiculous. They’re adults. right? right??!</p>

<p>This sounds so full of fail I’m surprised this isn’t on the onion.</p>

<p>Seriously, what?</p>

<p>Glad the baby bear will be spared. </p>

<p>Maybe the school in question would be kind to award said bear an honorary diploma for his/her trouble. </p>



<p>In Columbia’s case, maybe they’ve considered including some lions to liven up the old school spirit. :D</p>

<p>As my daughter pointed out, the bear bit 14 students…why did it take 14 bites to register to people that this was not a good idea? </p>

<p>A Two mo old PUPPY will chew on you. So will a two mo old baby human.
I cannot imagine the reasoning and who liscensed this operation?</p>