Culinary Graduate planning on going to UCLA for Pre-Business

<p>Hi everyone! I am pretty new here. I have been looking into going to UCLA since I got here in the United States. I finished my highschool in the Philippines and did 2 years of BSN classes over there. I went to Cal Baptist and got into their BSN program but did only a quarter of it because I havent decided what I wanted to do really. Plus, it's super expensive there. So instead, I went to Culinary school. (IKR? major major switch!) I finished my associates in Baking&Pastry and Culinary Arts. I have plans in going back to Nursing school too since I really really want to get back to it. Also, I am interested in doing the Pre-Business program because I wanted to do business using my culinary skills later.
Grade-wise, I have a Overall 3.6 GPA but that was in my Culinary school. I also have good grades when I was in Nursing so IDK if saying this would help with my query.</p>

<p>What is the best thing to do to be able to get into UCLA? Should I go with an undeclared major and then switch? Please help me on this. I would love to receive responses! Thank you!</p>

<p>Pretty sure the pre-business major is for Econ majors before they take a couple of preperation classes. Econ would be irrelevant for running a food business. You should look into management degrees. </p>

<p>But complain about the cost of attendance for nursing school but then you go and pay for culinary school and you also want pay for the rest of nursing school and a business degree? I think you need to quit the professional student thing and move on with something. You're doing completely irrelevant degrees that require completely different personality types. It sounds like you're doing everything you can to keep from entering the real, working world.</p>

<p>A business degree is not going to teach you anymore about running a business than reading a couple books will.</p>

<p>Thank you for the reply.
And yea, I did complain but having said that, I didn't mean to say that I wanted to get both nursing and business degrees. I said I was only interested in business too. And I also didn't know that their PreBusiness in UCLA were for Econ major as I haven't really looked into that certain program.
Anyway, I am currently working right now so I don't think I am keeping myself from entering into the real world.
I just feel like I wanted to do more than working in a restaurant. </p>

<p>Again, thank you for responding. :)</p>