Cum Laude Society?

<p>Do colleges take cum laude society membership seriously in the admissions process? My school admits the top 20% of seniors and tells them in the fall so they can put it on their applications. My school does not have NHS, so cum laude is pretty much the only academic society. So is cum laude anything of importance, or is it just a nice formality?</p>

<p>It's pretty much a nice formality -- you're already in the top 20%, so having your school give you a certificate and a pin for it doesn't really chage anything.</p>

<p>heh, that's what I thought, since colleges could already see your decile ranking from the school report. Maybe it's just to add to the prestige of the high school?</p>

<p>Some colleges I read gives automatic scholarships to Cum Laude Society members/NHS might want to search about those and see if any of them interest you.</p>

<p>what does NHS stand for?</p>

<p>Being in Cum Laude will not make much difference.</p>