Cumulative GPA?

<p>If my cumulative GPA is a 3.8 weighted as of the end of first semester of junior year, what do I have to get second semester to bring it above a 4?</p>

<p>How do I calculate it</p>

<p>We need to know the maximum number of class you can take in a year. And how many classes you had so far.</p>

<p>If it is on a 4.0 scale it is impossible</p>

<p>Oh, thats alot of info I dont have. Its out of 4 but an A in my honors classes is worth 5, so its not impossible right?</p>

<p>So I figured, [(3.8*5)+(X)] / 6 = cumulative GPA as of next semester, with X equaling the GPA i get for 2nd semester of this year.</p>

<p>5 being the 5 completed semesters I have, 6 because it would be 6 come end of this one.</p>