CUNY Acceptances - Fall 2020

It’s about the time that CUNY starts sending out acceptances. I made this discussion so we can all share our excitement, questions, and concerns. Good luck to everyone!

When do the CUNY’s usually send out the decisions?

From what I’ve been reading, usually mid to late February and into March.

I’ve submitted my application 10/22/2019, and all the supporting docs. But my transcript status says “In Progress” is there something I have to fix?

@collegist315 I think so because by now it should say “Received.” Did you send it by mail to

P.O. Box 350136
Brooklyn, NY 11235-0001

You may want to call admissions and get that straightened out.

Just received an email saying I got into John Jay! I also got an email this week saying I have an interview for John Jay’s Macaulay Honors College.

I also got accepted to John Jay today! I applied to City and Hunter for Macaulay

Anyone got accepted to Baruch, Queens, or Hunter yet?

I applied to Hunter, Baruch, and CCNY – still haven’t heard anything. Super nervous

@Detrailia From what I’ve heard, they start accepting on Febuary 3rd.

Macaulay will send out emails on March 15th.

@DeVolstGalph245 wow that’s really soon! I hope they’re faster than other years. People were waiting till like march to hear from regular admissions.

I applied to Baruch, Hunter, and Queens. Do Macaulay applicants usually hear back the first week of February?

I got acceptance to Baruch today, applied to Macaulay Baruch, what that is mean, did I got or not to Macaulay?

My son just got accepted to John Jay, City Tech. Waiting on Hunter, Baruch and City College

I got accepted to Baruch today!

Just got accepted to Hunter this afternoon! I found out on my CUNYfirst account, not my email. Good luck to everyone!

Got accepted to LaGuardia, Baruch, and Hunter so far. Still waiting on Queens college.

I got accepted into Brooklyn today! Still waiting for Hunter (first choice!!)

I am so excited. I am a transfer at BMCC with 16 credits completed/ 25 in progress this semester.

Any transfers hear from Hunter yet?

Got into Hunter yesterday afternoon. My top school is Baruch (I also applied to Macaulay Honors), and I was wondering if it’s a bad sign I didn’t hear back yet?