cuny assessment tests

<p>what is this? i got a letter for it saying i had to take math 3. i dont know what math 3 is. i got 710 in math on my sats. i got a 95 on math a regents and 79 on math b regents. are my scores not good enough that i have take this test?</p>

<p>It's a placement test. I'm pretty sure everyone (if it relates to your major) has to take it. All my friends who applied to CCNY had to take theirs and they had strong academic records.</p>

I'm trasnferring to CCNY but I don't know why I received the letter asking me to take math3 assessment test. how much score do I need to get to pass this test? If I only be tested to college algebra level, what CCNY will do?

<p>Hello all,</p>

<p>The math 3 exam is just a placement exam, not a CUNY assessment exam, and therefore does not affect your admission to the college. All students are required to take the exam unless (with certain exceptions) they have been given college credit for AP math (based on the AP exam score), or previous college coursework in math that is acceptable for transfer credit. Please contact the admissions office for more information if either of those situations apply to you.</p>

<p>Carlos Parker
Admissions Counselor
The City College of New York</p>

<p>Hello Mr. Parker,
I'm not too sure about what is "AP math" and I have called to CCNY admission but they didn't know about it at all. I have passed my pre-calculus course in my previous college with an A and with the ACT math score 23, and so I wonder if I still need to take this exam?
Thank you so much.

<p>Dear gracegates,</p>

<p>AP = Advanced Placement. Those are advanced high school courses that can lead to earning college credit. The ACT exam is only used in the admission evaluation and will not replace the CUNY math placement exam.</p>

<p>Has your transfer credit evaluation been completed? If we are able to give you transfer credit for the precalculus course that you took at your previous college then in all likelihood you will not have to take the math placement exam. At that point you will be able to just register for the next level math course, which is calculus 1.</p>

<p>Please contact me at my office at 212-650-6419 if you would like address your questions/concerns in more detail.</p>

<p>Dear Mr. Parker,
I understand now. Thank you so much for taking your time to reply my message. I will call to the test center to get my math result and tell them about my situation.
I just sent out my final transcript to ccny and I think thy should receive it recently. Hopefully they will accept my precalculus course.
Thank you very much.
Greatly appreciated,

<p>Dear Mr. Parker,
The test center asked me to do Math 185 and I wonder if this is the only math course I need to take? I'm a music major student. I have checked on the bulletin and it says that I need to take either math 15000, 17300, or 19500 for BA degree. So, I wonder if Math 185 will be able to fulfill my credit in the math required field?
Please let me know.
Thank you so much.
Wing-Yun Wong</p>


<p>You placed into Math 185 based on your math placement exam score. However, you have been given transfer credit for Math 195, which overrides the placement exam results. You should have received an official transfer credit evaluation in the mail. If not, then you can pick it up from our office (Admissions) when you arrive for orientation/registration.</p>

<p>Dear Mr. Parker,
I knew my credit would be transferred and made me take the math 195 but I somehow would like to take a lower level of math. The math that I took at my previous college seems to be much easier than in CCNY and so I wonder if Math 185 can be the only one course that I have to take in CCNY? Or is math 185 to easy to be able to a credit-counted course for math for me?
Would you please let me know?
Thank you very much.</p>

<p>Dear Mr. Parker,
I think I mis-read your post. Is that mean I don't have to take math course since I have been given credit for math 195?
Would you please let me know?
Thank you</p>

<p>As a music major, you shouldn't have to take any more math.</p>

<p>Dear Mr. Parker,
Okay. I understand now. Thank you so much for all the helps you gave to me. I greatly appreciate it!</p>

<p>Dear mr. parker</p>

<p>I received a letter from ccny saying my previous Math course is equivalent to Math 99902 in ccny...! the same thing for Chemistry, physics, they are saying they are equivalent to Chem 99902 and Phys 99902 .... !! whats that ? I looked everywhere in ccny website but didnot find any course like that ...!! I'm really confused.</p>

<p>I don't think Mr. Parker always come here.
Please do yourself a favor and contact the admission office yourself.</p>