Cuny baruch fall 2021 transfer

Hey everyone. Submitted app 2/1 and no decision yet. Please share ur status if u applied

Heard from Hunter but not Baruch.

My transcripts status is received/ evaluated and in progress. Do yk how much longer it could take?

Idk. I kind of thought I would hear right after I heard from Hunter since they both CUNY schools but I guess they all have their own timeline.

If it says evaluate it though it sounds like you’ll probably hear very shortly within this week I would imagine

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No word, yet?


Not here either. :unamused:

Did u get the open house email

No. When did it come?

Accepted. You hear?

Yesterday evening


Does it mean anything


Does the orientation email indicate anything

You mean you got invitation to orientation but not an acceptance letter?


Oh. Sounds like you must be accepted if you received invite.

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Are you waiting on other schools also?